Cheryl Scott’s Relationship Status and Marriage: Who is She Currently Married to?

Who Is Cheryl Scott Married to?

Cheryl Scott, the meteorologist we all know and love, is navigating the single life these days. Once engaged to Dante Deiana, their relationship was the talk of the town among Cheryl’s devoted fans. Regretfully, their engagement ended in 2022, defying expectations of a happily ever after.

It’s quite obvious these days that Dante and Cheryl aren’t together. You can tell just by glancing at Cheryl’s hand—no more sparkly engagement ring. She’s taken it off, signaling a significant change in her relationship status. While the specifics of their breakup remain private, Cheryl’s actions speak volumes about where things stand between them.

Who Is Cheryl Scott?

Renowned meteorologist and geologist Cheryl Scott can be seen on our screens as a Chicago-based ABC 7 Eyewitness News staff member. But she was tearing up the track in high school, displaying her skill in track and field championships, long before she became well-known on television.

Cheryl, who grew up in New Jersey, naturally gravitated toward science. It served as her beacon of light, inspiring her to follow her passion for academia. She joyfully received her Bachelor of Science in geological science from Brown University in 2007. Cheryl, however, didn’t stop there. She kept going and graduated from Mississippi State University with a certification in meteorology.

Cheryl did not have an easy journey to television. She began at the bottom, just like a lot of people in the profession. Her internship at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s WCAU-NBC 10 gave her her first experience of the media world. She jumped right in, picking up skills and learning the ropes.

These days, Cheryl is more than simply a well-known face on Chicago television; she serves as an inspiration to future meteorologists and scientists worldwide. Her story demonstrates that everything is possible if you put in the necessary effort and commitment.

Cheryl Scott’s Early Life

The narrative of Cheryl Scott is one of passion and tenacity. She was raised in Waterford, New Jersey, and was naturally interested in the globe. Science and sports were her early loves, shaping her journey from the get-go.

After high school, Cheryl took her thirst for knowledge to Brown University, where she delved into Geological Science and emerged with a Bachelor’s degree in 2007. But she wasn’t content with just scratching the surface. To truly master her craft, she went on to Mississippi State University, earning a Meteorology Certification in 2010.

Her career has been an exciting one that has seen her work at NBC 5 Chicago, WSEE-TV, and even WBIR-TV in Knoxville. However, her work at Chicago’s ABC 7 Eyewitness News is what has really elevated her to a household name. She’s probably been showing you the most recent weather information on your TV screen with ease.

Not only is Cheryl knowledgeable, but she also genuinely enjoys what she does, which sets her apart. She’s sharing her enthusiasm with the world, not simply reporting the weather. And for that reason, a great deal of people in the meteorological industry appreciate and admire her.

Cheryl Scott Wiki

Full nameCheryl Scott
Date of birthJanuary 29, 1985
Age38 years old in 2023
Zodiac signAquarius
BirthplaceWaterford, New Jersey, USA
Romantic orientationHeterosexual
Current residenceChicago, Illinois, USA
Current nationalityAmerican
Marital statusSingle
Height167.64 cm
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBrown
ParentsMarie Picciano Scott (mother, father undisclosed)
EducationBrown University and Mississippi State University
Native languageEnglish
Net worthBetween $1 million and $5 million
Social media profilesInstagram (X), Twitter

Cheryl Scott Education

Cheryl Scott’s academic journey took her to Brown University, where she dove headfirst into Geological Sciences. That’s where she really dug into her passion for understanding the Earth’s processes. But she didn’t stop there. To really round out her expertise, Cheryl headed to Mississippi State University. There, she earned her Meteorology Certification, adding another feather to her cap of knowledge.

Cheryl Scott Age

As Cheryl Scott celebrates her 39th birthday in 2024, we can’t help but notice the traits that her Aquarius sun sign brings out in her. Born on January 29, she’s a true independent spirit, driven by a progressive outlook on life. It should come as no surprise that she views perseverance and hard effort as essential to achieving long-term success. Her unwavering resolve and fortitude are evident in all she undertakes.

Cheryl Scott Height and Weight

Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing approximately 56 kg, Cheryl Scott keeps herself in top shape as a television personality, knowing the importance of making a good impression on her audience. Her measurements, reported as 38-28-37 inches, have garnered her a huge following on social media, where fans can’t get enough of her.

Cheryl Scott’s Family

For Cheryl Scott, her family is everything. They are more than simply her family; they serve as her greatest supporters and role models. Cheryl was exposed to the principles of perseverance and drive at an early age, as both of her parents operated their own companies. She shares her successes and struggles with her younger brother, with whom she has a close bond as well.

Cheryl is aware that her family will always support her, regardless of the obstacles she faces in her professional life. Her success story is rooted in their love and support, which enable her to remain grounded and goal-focused.

Cheryl Scott Career

Cheryl Scott’s broadcasting adventure kicked off in 2006 with an internship at WCAU-NBC 10 in Philadelphia. From there, she made her way to WSEE-TV, where she started her weather presenting gig on weekends while also rocking it at a Caribbean weather channel.

Cheryl then left for Knoxville, where she started working for WBIR-TV. It was a difficult period, particularly after a series of strong tornadoes struck in April 2011. But Cheryl rose to the occasion, keeping folks informed about the storm’s path and sharing essential safety tips. Her dedication even led her to lend a hand with the Red Cross relief efforts.

In 2011, Cheryl made the windy city of Chicago her new home, joining NBC 5 as a weather forecaster for morning and weekend shows. But her journey didn’t stop there. By 2014, she found her calling at ABC 7 Eyewitness News, where she’s been a trusted face in the meteorology team, helping Chicagoans stay weather-ready.

Television Career

Cheryl Scott started her career journey in 2006 as an intern at WCAU-NBC 10. She moved to Pennsylvania to take advantage of the chance and jumped right into the meteorology field. The next year, in addition to predicting for the Caribbean Weather Channel, she started working as a weekend weathercaster at WSEE-TV.

2008 saw Cheryl’s second move, this time to Knoxville, Tennessee. After that, she worked for WBIR-TV as a weekend meteorologist, where she was exposed to the 2011 Knoxville tornadoes. She not only provided vital meteorological updates during the storms, but also assisted the town in the aftermath by helping with the Red Cross.

After making her impact in Knoxville, Cheryl left the NBC affiliate in September 2011 to pursue her dream of moving to Chicago to work for ABC 7. She began by working as a morning and weekend meteorologist, but her skill and commitment soon led to her being named ABC 7 Eyewitness News’ chief meteorologist in December 2014. Since then, Cheryl has become well-known around Chicago, enthralling audiences with her charisma and precise prophecies.

The Rise to Success

Cheryl Scott’s meteorological passion and devotion have been the main drivers of her rapid ascent in the media. She began by honing her abilities and learning the ropes during her internship at Philadelphia’s WCAU-NBC 10. She ascended the corporate ladder and gained significant positions at several TV stations via perseverance and hard work. She’s doing well these days as an ABC 7 Eyewitness News meteorologist, providing accurate and educational weather forecasts that keep everyone informed.

Financial Success

In addition to her private life, Cheryl Scott’s financial situation has drawn attention. With an estimated $1 million in net worth, she has clearly achieved professional financial success. Although it is acknowledged that material wealth is not the only measure of success, this number is evidence of Cheryl Scott’s diligence and commitment to her profession.

Cheryl Scott’s Net Worth

Cheryl Scott, the American meteorologist, has built herself a tidy net worth of one million dollars through her career. Meteorology isn’t just her passion; it’s also her livelihood, allowing her to make ends meet and then some. On weekends, you’d find her delivering weather updates as a weathercaster for WSEE-TV in Pennsylvania.

She’s worked for a number of stations along the way, such as WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee, and NBC 5 (also known as NBC 5) in Chicago, Illinois. She then moved to ABC7 in December 2014, where she is still quite successful. But Cheryl’s not just about the weather; she’s deeply involved in Chicago’s social scene and has even served on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross for a spell.

Who is Cheryl Scott’s Husband?

Dante Deiana isn’t just your average Joe; he’s a well-known American actor, and lucky for Cheryl Scott, he’s also her husband. Dante’s journey is quite the adventure. He’s got a rich background in the hotel industry, but these days, you’re more likely to know him as Dante The Don, a top-notch professional DJ.

Their love story? Picture this: it all started at a charity event where fate decided to play cupid, bringing Cheryl and Dante together on a romantic journey that’s still going strong.

Dante’s resume reads like a who’s who of cool places. From FWD Day + Nightclub to Magnolia Café + Donuts and even Barstool Sports, he’s left his mark in some of the hottest spots around. And let’s not forget the big moment in 2018 when he swept Cheryl off her feet with a proposal in the stunning Hawaiian landscape.

But that’s not all; Dante’s not one to slow down. When he’s not spinning tracks as a resident DJ at Barstool Sports or rocking the airwaves as the Mixshow DJ at Kiss FM and SiriusXM, he’s also making waves in the entertainment biz.

And here’s a fun fact: Dante’s not just about the beats; he’s also a master of sound as the music and sound engineer for the Chicago Cubs. Talk about a guy with talents galore!

Together, Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana make a power couple, blending their passion for creativity and entertainment into one dynamic duo.

Social Media 

Cheryl Scott’s really making waves on social media! Her Instagram profile boasts a solid 105K followers as of October 19, 2023. And she’s not just popular there—her (X) Twitter page is rocking a respectable 61.9K followers.

But Cheryl’s not just a social media star; she’s a hometown hero in Chicago. People there adore her for being their trusted meteorologist, always keeping them in the loop with her friendly forecasts. 

And believe me when I say that Cheryl is no stranger to the scene. She has been honing her skill for some time, gaining a great deal of expertise in the process. She’s making a reputation for herself in the meteorological field with her talent and commitment.


  1. Early Life and Education: Cheryl Scott, born on January 29, 1985, in Waterford, New Jersey, developed a passion for science and sports from a young age. She pursued Geological Science at Brown University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in 2007. Later, she obtained a Meteorology Certification from Mississippi State University in 2010.
  2. Career Journey: Cheryl started her broadcasting career as an intern at WCAU-NBC 10 in Philadelphia in 2006. She then worked at various stations, including WSEE-TV and WBIR-TV, before landing at ABC 7 Eyewitness News in Chicago in 2011. Since December 2014, she has been a prominent meteorologist at ABC 7, captivating audiences with her precise forecasts.
  3. Personal Life: Cheryl Scott married Dante Deiana, an actor and DJ known as Dante The Don. They met at a charity event and got engaged in 2018. Dante has a background in the hotel industry and is a resident DJ at Barstool Sports, among other ventures. Cheryl and Dante form a dynamic and creative power couple.
  4. Net Worth: Cheryl Scott’s estimated net worth ranges between $1 million and $5 million, reflecting her successful career in meteorology.
  5. Social Media Presence: Cheryl is active on Instagram and Twitter, with a considerable following on both platforms. She has garnered a reputation as a trusted meteorologist and a beloved figure in the Chicago community.


Cheryl Scott, a renowned meteorologist, embarked on her journey from a small town in New Jersey to becoming a household name in Chicago. With a background in Geological Science and Meteorology, she has established herself as a reliable source of weather information. Cheryl’s career highlights include her tenure at ABC 7 Eyewitness News, where she has excelled as a meteorologist since 2011. Outside of her professional endeavors, Cheryl is happily married to Dante Deiana, a multifaceted entertainer.


Who is Cheryl Scott married to?

Cheryl Scott is married to Dante Deiana, an actor and DJ known as Dante The Don. They met at a charity event and got engaged in 2018.

What is Cheryl Scott’s net worth?

Cheryl Scott’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, reflecting her successful career as a meteorologist.

Where did Cheryl Scott pursue her education?

Cheryl Scott studied Geological Science at Brown University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in 2007. She later obtained a Meteorology Certification from Mississippi State University in 2010.

What is Cheryl Scott’s career journey?

Cheryl Scott began her broadcasting career as an intern at WCAU-NBC 10 in Philadelphia in 2006. She worked at several stations before joining ABC 7 Eyewitness News in Chicago in 2011, where she has been a prominent meteorologist since December 2014.

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