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Taye Diggs Height

At five feet ten inches tall, or 178 cm, Taye Diggs has always kept a trim body throughout his career. He frequently flaunts a toned, well-defined body, giving the impression that staying in shape is a priority. He is thought to weigh approximately 83 kg (182 lbs).

Who is Taye Diggs?

Taye Diggs, birthed as Scott Leo Diggs on January 2, 1971, emerges as a renowned American luminary encompassing roles in acting, melodic renditions, and rhythmic performances. Revered for his multifaceted abilities spanning a spectrum of artistic domains, he commands reverence on the theatrical platform. Originating from Newark, New Jersey, Diggs unearthed his ardor for the dramatic arts during his formative years. Immersing himself in the quest for excellence, he sought tutelage at the esteemed School of the Arts nestled in Rochester, NY, where he honed his theatrical aptitudes alongside melodic harmonies. Thereafter, he pursued further enlightenment at Syracuse University, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor of Fine Arts accolade. With his arresting countenance and authoritative demeanor, Diggs has etched an indelible imprint upon the realm of entertainment.

Taye Diggs Biography

On January 2, 1971, Taye Diggs was born in the center of Newark, New Jersey. Originally named Scott Leo Berry, his path to fame took an interesting turn. After his mom split from his biological dad, she tied the knot again and became a Jeffries Diggs. It was during this time that Taye, born as Scotty, morphed into his current name, Taye, keeping the connection with his roots intact.

Growing up, Taye had quite a unique childhood. His mom, juggling acting gigs and teaching duties, made sure her son had a balanced upbringing. He started off at a regular high school in Rochester before switching to the more unconventional School of the Arts. After high school, Taye pursued his love for performing arts at Syracuse University, earning a BFA in Musical Theater. It was during his time there that he began making waves as a standout stage performer, leaving audiences mesmerized in theaters across New Hampshire.

Taye Diggs Wiki

NameTaye Diggs
Full NameScott Leo “Taye” Diggs
Other NameScott Leo Berry
Net Worth$16 Million
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 1971
Age52 Years Old
Birth PlaceNewark, New Jersey, United States
Currently Live InLos Angeles
ProfessionActor and Model
DebutTV Series: New York Undercover (1996)
Music Video: Temptations (1995)
Film: How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)
Years Active1996 – Present
Famous RoleHarper Stewart in Film The Best Man (1999)
HometownNewark, New Jersey
Zodiac SignCapricorn
School/High SchoolAllendale Columbia School, United States
College/UniversitySyracuse University, United States
Education QualificationGraduate

Taye Diggs Age

Taye Diggs, born on January 2, 1971, as Scott Leo Diggs, is an American singer, performer, and ballet dancer. He’s gained fame for his charming personality and diverse talents, making him a well-known figure in the entertainment world. Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Diggs discovered his passion for theater at a young age. He attended the prestigious School of the Arts in Rochester, New York, where he honed his skills in acting and musical theater. After completing his studies, he continued his education at Syracuse University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Throughout his journey, Diggs’ captivating beauty and compelling stage presence have helped him establish himself as a prominent figure in the industry.

Taye Diggs Education

Taye Diggs went to both the Allendale Columbia School and the School of the Arts in Rochester. Later, he headed to Syracuse University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in musical theater.

Taye Diggs Family

Taye Diggs comes from a family of diverse talents and backgrounds. His parents are Andre Young, who works as a visual artist, and Marcia Berry, a dedicated teacher. Taye is the oldest among his siblings, which include his brothers Gabriel and Michael, and sisters Shalom and Christian. When his mother married Jeffries Diggs, Taye decided to take on his stepfather’s last name.

Notably, Taye’s cousin, Olu Evans, is an attorney. Their close family ties have had a significant impact on Taye’s life and career, shaping his experiences and relationships along the way.

Taye Diggs Personal life

Taye Diggs proved his acting chops when he ventured into television. He notably portrayed a lawyer in the popular series “Ally McBeal.” His big screen debut came as a bandleader in the 2002 version of “Chicago,” and he also starred alongside Christian Bale in “Equilibrium,” making waves in the science fiction genre.

Diggs also made guest appearances on a number of shows during this time, including “America’s Next Top Model,” where he helped competitors with acting challenges. He also played the romantic interest of Will in several recurrent roles on the television sitcom “Will & Grace.”

Taye Diggs Career

Taye Diggs has established a strong reputation for himself in the entertainment industry by showcasing his skills everywhere. He may be best remembered for his Broadway breakout performance in “Rent” as Benny, where he not only wowed everyone with his vocal skills but also gave a performance. After that, he made his big screen debut, showcasing his flexibility by playing a variety of parts, such as romantic and humorous leads.

And let’s not overlook television! He most likely made his impact on television series like “Private Practice” and “Empire,” where you’ve seen him. Taye has been nominated for and won awards because he has a propensity for taking on challenging parts and killing them.

Endearing himself to legions of fans, Diggs possesses a remarkable capacity to engross audiences across mediums, be it the stage, cinema, or television. His consistent delivery of exceptional work solidifies Taye Diggs as a consummate performer who consistently exceeds expectations.

Taye Diggs Net Worth

Prominent in the acting community due to his large salary and outstanding resume, Taye Diggs is a well-known face. Many believe that he is among the highest paid actors in America; there are claims that he makes over $80,000 per episode for his work on “Kevin Hill” and about $100,000 for his work on “Private Practice.” Not surprisingly, Diggs has reportedly accumulated a net worth estimated at $16 million, owing to his lucrative engagements.

Taye Diggs Girlfriend

Unfortunately, the world has seen Taye Diggs’ romantic exploits quite a few times. Remember that little affair you had with none other than Angelina Jolie? Yes, it is true that such an affair happened. But the story really starts in 1996, when Idina Menzel’s journey and his own were entwined by fate. Their courtship did not start right away, but when it did, it had all the makings of something really special. Time travel to the year 2003, when they tied the knot and welcomed their son, the distinguished Walker, into the world in 2009. Unfortunately, in spite of their best efforts, the marriage collapsed, and they said goodbye to married happiness in 2013.

Following the dissolution of said union, Taye found solace in the arms of model Amanza Smith Brown in the year of 2014. Ostensibly content, their liaison, alas, proved ephemeral, and in the year of 2018, they traversed divergent paths. And lo and behold, just when one surmised the climax of Taye’s amorous chronicles, whispers began to circulate in the year of 2021 regarding his involvement with model CJ Franco. Verily, it is safe to surmise that the romantic exploits of Taye have been naught but a tumultuous odyssey!

Taye Diggs’s Son

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel’s marriage brought a precious gift into their lives: their son, Walker Nathaniel.

Taye Diggs Social Media

In November 2010, Taye Diggs joined Twitter, and you may follow him there under the handle @TayeDiggs. With more than 660,000 followers, he also has a sizable fan base. Additionally, if you’re more interested in Instagram, you can find him there with 1.1 million followers under the handle @tayediggsinsta.


Taye Diggs, born Scott Leo Berry on January 2, 1971, in Newark, New Jersey, is a renowned American actor, singer, and dancer. He discovered his passion for acting at a young age and honed his skills at the School of the Arts in Rochester, NY, and later at Syracuse University, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Diggs’ career has been marked by his versatility and talent, with notable performances on stage, screen, and television. He has received acclaim for his roles in various productions, including “Rent,” “The Best Man,” and “Private Practice.” Throughout his career, Diggs has amassed a significant following and has become a respected figure in the entertainment industry.


When was Taye Diggs born?

Taye Diggs’s birthdate is January 2, 1971, in Newark, New Jersey, United States.

What is Taye Diggs’ height?

Taye Diggs stands at a height of 178 cm, equivalent to five feet ten inches.

What is Taye Diggs’ net worth?

Taye Diggs’ net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

Has Taye Diggs won any awards?

Yes, Taye Diggs has garnered nominations and awards, notably including the NAACP Image Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Who has Taye Diggs dated?

Taye Diggs has been romantically involved with Angelina Jolie, Idina Menzel, Amanza Smith Brown, and CJ Franco, among others.

Does Taye Diggs have any children?

Yes, Taye Diggs has one son named Walker Nathaniel from his marriage to Idina Menzel.

Is Taye Diggs active on social media?

Yes, Taye Diggs is present on Twitter with the handle @TayeDiggs and on Instagram with the handle @tayediggsinsta.

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