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The recent news about Brighton Butler’s split has sent shockwaves through the fashion world and social media alike. Brighton, who’s been a shining star in the influencer and fashion blogging scene, surprised everyone by filing for divorce from Duncan Butler, her husband.

People are buzzing with speculation about what could have led to this decision. Some say it might involve infidelity, while others think it could be differences in parenting approaches. The public is still curious about what transpired between them and continues to speculate even if the precise cause is still unknown.

With Brighton’s private life in the public eye, conversations on her parenting style, professional accomplishments, and dynamics with Duncan are appearing everywhere. Alongside diving into the rumors swirling around the divorce, many are also taking a closer look at Brighton’s achievements in her career and her role as a mother.

Are Brighton Butler Divorce Rumors True? 

The recent announcement of Brighton and Duncan Butler’s divorce has caught many off guard. Despite filing earlier this year, the news only made waves recently, especially since they were seen as such a loving couple. Their split has stirred up a lot of curiosity, with everyone speculating about what might have gone wrong.

They are currently working out all the specifics of their separation, attending court dates, and going through the legal hoops associated with divorce. Though nothing is finalized just yet, there is a great deal of expectation around custody agreements and how they would manage parenting after a divorce.

Brighton and Duncan have decided to keep things under wraps, choosing privacy during this tough time. It’s crucial to give them the space they need as they navigate through this challenging process. Their situation really shines a light on how tricky it can be to balance a public persona with personal relationships.

Speculations Behind Brighton Butler Divorce

Speculations Behind Brighton Butler Divorce

Brighton and Duncan Butler’s once hopeful journey together has sadly reached its end. While much remains shrouded in secrecy, there’s been a whirlwind of speculation swirling around, shedding light on the battles they faced during their legal proceedings and custody disputes.

The first signs of trouble emerged when Brighton took off her ring, a silent signal to those paying attention that their relationship was in trouble. When news of their divorce leaked, it sparked a frenzy of discussions, with Reddit ablaze with assumptions and theories.

An insider offered some insight into their situation, defending Brighton while uncovering a troubling aspect of their relationship. Allegedly, Duncan struggled with addiction, and Brighton endured his abusive behavior for quite some time. This revelation raised questions about whether their marriage was rushed despite outward appearances of deep love.

Duncan’s sudden disappearance only added to the mystery, leaving many wondering where he could be. Reports suggest he’s in rehab, battling his addiction issues. Financial dependence added yet another layer of strain to their relationship, contributing to thecomplex web of reasons behind their breakup. As their personal struggles come to light, the narrative of Brighton and Duncan Butler’s divorce highlights the intricate nature of relationships, particularly those in the public eye.

Who is Brighton Butler?

Brighton Butler

Brighton Butler is definitely a big name in the fashion and social media scene. She was born on December 8, 1989, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she continues to reside there. Her family is rather active, since she is the oldest of four siblings.

When they moved to Dallas, Texas, Brighton and her siblings were raised by their mom, Dee Keller, who’s not only a shoe designer but also a retired lawyer, and their dad, Steve Keller, who’s deep into the real estate game. It must’ve been quite the ride growing up with parents juggling such different careers!

Brighton took her studies to the University of Texas, so she’s got that Lone Star State connection too. It seems like she’s got quite the background to bring to her fashion empire!

Brighton Butler Biography

Brighton Butler is definitely one of the top bloggers in the game. She was born on December 8, 1989, right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Her blog, Brighton The Day, has really put her on the map, covering everything from fashion to faith, beauty, and travel.

What’s cool is that Brighton went to The Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, where she actually met fellow blogger Lilly Ghalichi. It’s like they were destined to conquer the fashion world together from the get-go!

In her tight-knit family, Brighton’s got two younger sisters and an older brother. They made the move from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Dallas, Texas. And talk about a creative bunch—her daughter’s grandma, Dee Keller, is a shoe designer! Seems like fashion runs in the family genes.

Brighton Butler Wiki

Full NameBrighton Keller Butler (Aka Brighton Butler)
Age34 years (as of 2023)
Date of Birth8th December 1989
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthBaton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandDuncan Butler III
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorDark Brown
Height (feet)5′ 6″
Height (cm)170 cm (1.7m)
ParentsDee and Steve Keller
CollegePublic US State Institution
ProfessionFashion Blogger

Brighton Butler Education

Brighton Butler is definitely a big deal in the blogging world. Born on December 8, 1989, right here in the USA, she’s made a real name for herself with her blog, Brighton The Day. She covers everything under the sun, from fashion to faith, beauty, and even travel.

What’s really neat is that Brighton studied at The Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, where she crossed paths with another rising star in the blogging world, Lilly Ghalichi. It’s like they were destined to team up and take the fashion world by storm!

In her close-knit family, Brighton’s got two younger sisters and an older brother. They moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Dallas, Texas, and it seems like creativity runs in the family—her daughter’s grandma, Dee Keller, is a shoe designer! Fashion definitely seems to be in their blood.

Highest QualificationBachelor’s Degree
CollegePublic US State Institution

Brighton Butler Age

How cool is it that Brighton Butler’s birthday, December 8, 1989, happened to land on a Friday? She’s currently 34 years young and falls under the Sagittarius sign, which means her birth flower is Narcissus and Holly. It’s pretty fascinating how astrology and nature come together to paint a picture of her personality and traits, don’t you think?

Birth Date8th December
Day of BirthFriday
Year of Birth1989
Birth SignSagittarius
Birth Sign DualityAssertive
Birth Sign Modality/ElementMutable Fire
Opposite SignGemini

Brighton Butler Career

Brighton Butler’s journey into the fashion world kicked off in 2011, sparked by chats with friends. Even though she didn’t have much fashion know-how at first, her sheer passion and drive turned her into a true fashionista.

Originally, Brighton had her sights set on following her parents’ business path after snagging a business degree. But fate had a different plan. When her mom dipped her toes into the world of Italian shoe design, Brighton’s curiosity for fashion was ignited.

In 2011, Brighton launched her fashion blog, “Brighton The Day,” and boy, has it been a hit ever since! The blog’s like a window into Brighton’s world, covering everything from fashion and beauty to her travels and personal stories.

Beyond her writing gig, Brighton’s made quite a name for herself as an influencer, inspiring women worldwide with her fashion tips and unique perspectives. And talk about giving back—she even co-founded Les Filles a La Mode, an NGO dedicated to helping with Hurricane Katrina reconstruction efforts.

Brighton has gained immense respect for her perseverance and commitment to her work, even in the face of personal obstacles such as her divorce. She is a great inspiration, demonstrating to us all that nothing can stop you from pursuing your goals.

What Are Fans Saying?

Brighton Butler’s divorce news has really lit up the conversations on social media, especially on platforms like Reddit.

It’s been touching to see so many people offering Brighton and her children support and sympathy at this difficult time. Naturally, however, where there’s gossip, there’s conjecture as to what may have caused the breakup with Duncan.

On Reddit, some people are discussing how parenting techniques or morals differ, while others are raising the possibility of adultery as a contributing role. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that these are all only educated assumptions and that the whole reason for their split is unknown.

Brighton Butler’s Net Worth

Brighton Butler’s extremely well-known blog has helped her establish a solid reputation for herself in the fashion industry. There are rumors circulating that as of last year, her estimated net worth was $5 million. And she has some pretty amazing sources of income, I must say!

Most of Brighton’s cash flow comes from her blog, where she dishes out all things fashion and lifestyle. But that’s not all—she’s also got partnerships with some big-name luxury brands, rakes in dough from ads, and makes appearances at all sorts of fancy events and campaigns.

But let’s not forget the real MVPs here—her amazing followers on social media and her website. They’ve been there every step of the way, helping Brighton solidify her spot as a major player in the fashion and influencer world.

Who is Brighton Butler’s Husband?

Brighton Butler and Duncan Butler made it official on January 25, 2020, exchanging vows in a beautiful ceremony down in Austin, Texas. Duncan’s got his hands full as a lawyer and businessman, while Brighton’s known far and wide for her awesome lifestyle and fashion blog, BrightonTheDay LLC.

But lately, there’s been some buzz going around. Rumor has it that Brighton’s taken steps to start divorce proceedings against Duncan as of May 2023. Right now, they’re knee-deep in the legal stuff, figuring out how to untangle their marriage, and the details are still unfolding.

As we wait for more info to trickle out, there’s a chance we might get a better understanding of why they’re calling it quits and how things are shaping up in their divorce journey.

Brighton and Duncan Butler Children

Brighton Butler has two gorgeous children with her ex-husband. On February 21, 2021, their son Four was born, and on September 29, 2022, their daughter Blake completed the family. Brighton has shared heartwarming tales about the births of her children and her experiences raising them on her website, where she has been very transparent about her journey as a mother.

Brighton and Duncan are no longer together, but they still prioritize their children. Despite any obstacles they may encounter, they are collaborating to ensure that their kids enjoy a joyful and caring childhood. It’s encouraging to see them put their family’s welfare first above everything else.

Brighton Butler’s Spouse

Since their Texas wedding in 2020, fans of Brighton have been curious about her husband. With their frequent posts of affection on social media, it seemed like they were head over heels for each other.

Brighton comes across on her blog as someone who’s all about family and compassion, sharing bits of her everyday life with her readers.

From what we’ve gathered, Duncan Butler, Brighton’s husband, wears many hats—he’s both an entrepreneur and a lawyer. They’ve shared some really sweet snapshots with their kids, showing just how devoted they are as parents. In the beginning, Duncan even played a big role in helping Brighton manage her blog.

But with the news of their divorce making the rounds online, some folks are starting to wonder about their relationship. Some feel like Brighton might’ve rushed into things and deserved better. There are reports floating around suggesting that Duncan’s grappling with addiction and is currently seeking help in rehab, adding another layer of complexity to their situation.

It serves as an excellent reminder that people who appear to be well-adjusted on the outside may actually be going through difficult times. It is imperative to address these circumstances with compassion and comprehension.

Brighton Butler Social Media

Brighton Butler, the blogger everyone adores, has won over a dedicated following who absolutely love her work. With an impressive 381K followers on her Instagram account, she’s known for sharing gorgeous photos that really capture the imagination.


Brighton Butler, a prominent figure in the fashion and social media scene, recently announced her divorce from Duncan Butler, her husband. The news came as a surprise to many, sparking speculation about the reasons behind their split. While details remain private, rumors suggest issues such as infidelity and differences in parenting approaches.

Brighton, born on December 8, 1989, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rose to fame through her fashion blog, “Brighton The Day.” She studied at The Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Brighton’s blog covers fashion, beauty, faith, and travel, earning her a significant following and partnerships with luxury brands.

Her divorce has ignited conversations on social media, with fans offering support and speculating about the reasons for the breakup. Despite the challenges, Brighton remains focused on her career and her role as a mother to her two children, Four and Blake.


Is Brighton Butler divorcing?

Yes, Brighton Butler recently filed for divorce from her husband, Duncan Butler.

What are the speculations behind their divorce?

Speculations include issues like infidelity, differences in parenting styles, and Duncan’s reported struggles with addiction.

How many children does Brighton Butler have?

Brighton has two children, a son named Four (born February 21, 2021), and a daughter named Blake (born September 29, 2022).

What is Brighton Butler’s net worth?

Brighton’s estimated net worth is around $5 million, primarily from her successful fashion blog, brand partnerships, ads, and appearances.

Who is Duncan Butler?

Duncan Butler is Brighton Butler’s ex-husband, described as an entrepreneur and lawyer. Reports suggest he’s currently seeking help for addiction issues in rehab.

What is Brighton Butler’s educational background?

Brighton studied at The Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, where she met fellow blogger Lilly Ghalichi.

What is Brighton Butler’s career?

Brighton is a successful fashion blogger known for her blog, “Brighton The Day,” covering fashion, beauty, faith, and travel. She’s also an influencer and co-founder of Les Filles a La Mode, an NGO aiding Hurricane Katrina reconstruction efforts.

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