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Although her precise birthdate is still a bit of a mystery, Tiffany Pesci, the daughter of Hollywood star Joe Pesci and Claudia Haro, has been an intriguing figure since her arrival in 1992. Even though her parents divorced when she was a little child, Tiffany grew up in the glamour of Hollywood, primarily with her mother but sometimes occasionally running into her father at parties.

Tiffany chose a different limelight, while her father left his stamp on cinema history with memorable parts in landmark films like Casino and Goodfellas. Rather than trying her luck on the dance floor, she discovered her passion in modeling, where her distinctive look and remarkable features made her stand out.

With her Italian-American heritage lending an extra layer of allure, Tiffany has become a familiar face in fashion circles, not just because of her famous last name, but also due to her own talent and charm. She’s truly made her mark as more than just Joe Pesci’s daughter, carving out her own path in the spotlight.

Who is Tiffany Pesci?

Tiffany Pesci, the daughter of well-known actor Joe Pesci, is rising to prominence in the modeling industry. Tiffany was destined for fame since she was nurtured amid the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, benefiting from her father’s star position as well as her mother’s acting background.

But even though Tiffany is descended from Hollywood, she likes to keep things low-key. She doesn’t like to live a glam lifestyle or post on social media all the time. Rather, she prefers to keep some aspects of her life and opinions private and share others on Twitter.

Tiffany loves her culture while blazing her own trail in fashion, her Italian-American heritage providing her stability. Her philosophy is around striking a balance between being authentic and upholding her family’s legacy. Even though Tiffany Pesci prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she is undoubtedly leaving her imprint in a modest manner.

Tiffany Pesci’s net worth

 Joe Pesci’s daughter is making it big in the modeling world! She’s really going after her dreams and doing fantastic. You know, modeling can be tough sometimes, but she’s putting in the work and it’s paying off. Over in the U.S., models usually bring in something like $25.8K to $33.6K a year on average. Not too shabby!

Now, Joe Pesci himself? Oh man, he’s a legend. With a net worth of around $50 million, he’s definitely made his mark. And check this out, he’s got some seriously cool rides. Picture this: a slick white BMW worth about $120,000, and then there’s his Chevrolet, which is valued between $138,000 to $160,000! Talk about living the high life, huh? Joe’s definitely got style..

Tiffany Pesci Biography

Tiffany Pesci, she’s like your typical American girl, raised in the hustle and bustle of the entertainment world. Born in ’92, she’s got quite the lineage – her dad? None other than the legendary Joe Pesci, and her mom, Claudia Haro, who’s also made a mark in showbiz.

Her family’s got its fair share of drama, though. Joe’s been down the aisle a few times, and Tiffany’s got a step-sibling from one of his earlier marriages. After Joe and Claudia split in ’95, her mom found love again with Garrett Warren. Things seemed great until that awful shooting in 2000 that left Garrett seriously injured, losing his eye. Claudia ended up in some trouble over it, too.

Through it all, Tiffany tries to keep things low-key. She’s not one for the spotlight or getting mixed up in public scandals. She’s just living her life, away from the chaos her family’s known for.

Tiffany Pesci Education

Tiffany Pesci has always had an insatiable need for information. You know, she was the one that stayed after school until the bell rang so she could learn more. And boy, did she ask questions! It was like she couldn’t get enough.

When college finally arrived, Tiffany threw herself into her studies. She took in everything around her like a sponge. But it wasn’t always simple. Along the road, she had her fair share of difficulties. But you know what? That didn’t stop her.

After snagging her bachelor’s degree, Tiffany was hungry for more. So, she went on to tackle a master’s program in [field]. And let me tell you, her passion for learning hasn’t faded one bit. These days, you’ll find her nose buried in books, tackling new challenges left and right, and attending every workshop she can get her hands on.

Tiffany views education as much more than just obtaining credentials. It’s about seizing every opportunity to develop academically, personally, and to get fresh insights into the world. She is totally devoted to expanding her horizons and pursuing self-awareness.


NameTiffany Pesci
ParentsJoe Pesci, Claudia Haro

Tiffany Pesci Age

Tiffany Pesci is currently 31 years old, having been born in 1992. Even though she prefers to keep a low profile, she’s known to many because she’s the daughter of the famous actor Joe Pesci and a former actress.

Tiffany Pesci Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Tiffany Pesci weighs about fifty-eight pounds and is pretty tall at five feet seven inches. Her dimensions are precisely 32, 28, and 30 inches. She wears size 8 shoes and a 32B bra size. Tiffany’s stunning blonde hair and rich brown eyes make her the center of attention. Her commitment to consistent exercise and healthy food has resulted in her slender figure.

Height170 cm / 1.70 m
5’7″ inches
Weight58 kg
128 lbs
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlonde
PerfumeYet To Update
Skin ColourFair
Bra Size32B (US)
Waist Size28 inches
Hips Size30 inches
Shoe Size8 (US)

Tiffany Pesci Early Life

Tiffany Pesci, a proud American born in 1992, prefers to keep her exact birthday a mystery, but she’s around 31 years old. She comes from a notable lineage, being the daughter of the renowned Joe Pesci and Claudia Haro.

Her family’s background paints a picture of hardworking roots – her grandfather worked as a rider at General Motors, while her grandmother, Maria Mesce, dabbled in hairdressing alongside her other responsibilities.

Embracing her Italian-American heritage fills Tiffany with pride, and she cherishes her American citizenship. The family’s faith is deeply rooted in Christianity, adding to their bond. While Tiffany holds her Italian roots close to her heart, she prefers to keep her zodiac sign private, adding a touch of mystery.

Tiffany hasn’t disclosed details about her formal education, choosing to keep that part of her life away from the public eye.

Tiffany Pesci Career

Tiffany Pesci is becoming a well-known figure in the modeling industry. She might be seen flaunting various brands like it’s no big deal on the pages of upscale publications. She’s really owning it, not just posing!

The nice thing about Tiffany is that she’s not only about the flash and glamour. Nope, she also has a large heart. She frequently attends charity functions like the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s party with her father, Joe Pesci. You know, it’s amazing to watch someone make positive use of their popularity.

And speaking of her dad, Joe Pesci, you’ve probably seen him in a bunch of movies like “Goodfellas” and “Home Alone 3.” But did you know he’s also a musician? Yeah, he’s dropped a few albums too!

Now, Tiffany’s mom, Claudia Haro, she’s no stranger to the spotlight either. She’s been in some pretty big films herself. Life’s thrown her some curveballs though, ended up spending some time in prison.

But hey, despite the bumps in the road, this family’s got talent for days. And they’re not just about fame—they’re about making a difference too.

Her Father Joe Pesci

You know, Joe Pesci’s daughter, Tiffany Pesci? Like her dad, she’s making a lot of waves in the entertainment industry. His legendary appearances in films such as Home Alone and Goodfellas make it clear whence she derives her skill.

Tiffany, though, isn’t only following in her father’s footsteps. No, she’s making a name for herself in the modeling industry by working hard to get noticed. It’s likely that you have seen her in publications. It’s difficult to overlook her innate beauty and posing prowess.

And you gotta respect her privacy game. She holds her private matters close to her breast in a world when everyone shares everything on social media. It all comes down to continuing to focus on her job and doing what she enjoys.

But it’s not all about fame and glamour for Tiffany. She’s got a big heart too, using her platform to give back and help others. That kind of dedication to both her craft and making a difference? It’s pretty darn inspiring.

So yeah, keep an eye out for Tiffany Pesci. With her talent, work ethic, and heart of gold, she’s definitely going places in the modeling world.

Know About Her Mother, Claudia Haro

Claudia Haro, born in 1967, had quite the journey in Hollywood. She made a mark with notable roles in films like “Honor” and “Casino.” But her story took a dramatic turn off-screen, especially in her relationships.

Married twice, Claudia is perhaps best known as the former wife of the talented actor and musician Joseph Frank Pesci. Her life took a dark twist when she faced legal troubles, landing a 12-year sentence for attempting to murder her ex-husband, Garrett Warren. She eventually regained her freedom in 2019.

Inspired by her former spouse Joe Pesci, Claudia ventured into acting. She debuted alongside him as a news anchor in the 1994 Barry Levinson comedy “Jimmy Hollywood.” Soon after, she showcased her skills in “Return of Honor” and notably portrayed Trudy in Martin Scorsese’s crime epic “Casino” in 1995. Her acting journey reached its peak with “Gone Fishin'” in 1997, sharing the screen with Joe Pesci before bidding farewell to the industry.

By 2021, Claudia’s net worth soared beyond $1 million, mainly from her successful Hollywood career and a divorce settlement with Joseph. However, her romantic entanglement with Garrett Warren added further complications to her life.

Claudia’s story is one of highs and lows, reflecting the unpredictable nature of fame and personal relationships in the entertainment world.

Tiffany Pesci – Personal Life

In terms of her personal life, it seems that she is single at the moment and has not yet been married. The details of her love life remain largely a mystery as there have been no reports of her dating anyone in the public eye.

She avoids major drama and controversy by being quite honest about her preferences and following her own path.

She’s still figuring things out in the profession, but she obviously has the skill and drive to be successful. It’s only a matter of time until she becomes well-known in her industry.

Tiffany Pesci Relationship

There isn’t much known about Tiffany Pesci’s love life. She seems to be flying solo at the moment and seems to really cherish her alone time. Unlike many other famous kids, she’s pretty low-key on social media, especially in 2023. This kind of privacy makes her personal life a bit of a mystery. There’s some gossip going around that she might have had a secret thing going on with some mystery guy, but nobody knows for sure who he is.

Social Media

Tiffany isn’t really into social media much. She’s got this Twitter handle, @tiffaanyythaa, but she’s not raking in followers there, just a little under 100. She’s pretty private about her personal stuff, so you won’t catch her sharing too much online


Tiffany Pesci, born in 1992, is the daughter of Hollywood actor Joe Pesci and Claudia Haro. Despite her family’s fame and turbulent history, Tiffany has chosen a path in the modeling industry, leveraging her Italian-American heritage and distinctive features to make a mark in the fashion world. She maintains a low-key presence, preferring privacy over the spotlight, but actively engages in charity work alongside her father. Tiffany’s commitment to her career, education, and personal growth reflects her dedication to both her craft and her own journey.


  1. Modelling Career: Tiffany Pesci is rising to prominence in the modeling industry, showcasing various brands in upscale publications.
  2. Family Background: She is the daughter of Joe Pesci and Claudia Haro, both known figures in Hollywood.
  3. Low-key Lifestyle: Despite her Hollywood lineage, Tiffany prefers a private life away from the public eye and social media.
  4. Education: Tiffany pursued higher education, earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, showcasing her dedication to personal and academic growth.
  5. Charity Work: She actively participates in charity events, such as those supporting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, alongside her father.
  6. Relationship Status: Tiffany keeps her personal life private, and details about her romantic relationships remain scarce.
  7. Physical Attributes: Standing at 5’7″ tall, Tiffany maintains a slender figure with measurements of 32-28-30 inches.


What is Tiffany Pesci’s age? 

Tiffany Pesci was born in 1992, making her 31 years old as of 2023.

What is Tiffany Pesci’s profession? 

Tiffany Pesci is a model, rising to prominence in the fashion industry.

Who are Tiffany Pesci’s parents? 

Tiffany Pesci’s parents are Hollywood actor Joe Pesci and former actress Claudia Haro.

Is Tiffany Pesci active on social media? 

Tiffany Pesci maintains a low-key presence on social media, particularly Twitter with the handle @tiffaanyythaa, where she shares limited updates.

What is Tiffany Pesci’s educational background? 

Tiffany Pesci pursued higher education, completing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, demonstrating her commitment to learning and personal growth

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