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Who is Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan, the eminent luminary of American YouTube fame and real estate brokerage, commenced his odyssey to eminence at the tender age of 13, immersing himself in the intricate milieu of marine aquarium wholesale commerce. His unwavering resolve and assiduous toil yielded fruit, catapulting him into the echelons of the youngest millionaires in the expanse of the United States.

In the current epoch of 2021, the coffers of Graham Stephan stand as a testament to his prodigious feats and indomitable entrepreneurial ethos. Through the conduit of his YouTube conduit and forays into the realm of real estate, he has amassed a formidable opulence, epitomizing the vistas of opportunity that the digital sphere proffers for financial ascendancy.

It is a spectacle truly imbued with inspiration to behold the saga of youthful individuals such as Graham, who harness their fervors and aptitudes not merely to chase their aspirations but also to forge substantial riches en route. His narrative stands as a monument to the transmutative potency inherent in unwavering commitment, ingenuity, and the adept seizing of opportunities amidst the digital epoch.

Graham Stephan’s biography

The narrative of Graham Stephan starts on April 22, 1990, in Santa Monica, California, a beautiful city. He’s already pretty well-known, turning 33 in 2023, yet his career began in a home where artistic expression was valued. From 1981 until 1994, his father, David Stephan, worked his magic at Walt Disney Animation Studios, adding his own special touch of enchantment to the globe.

Graham grew up in California, where he attended neighborhood schools and was exposed to the state’s rich culture and possibilities. But he encountered a problem when it came time for college. Financial difficulties prevented him from pursuing his goals of attending Pepperdine University, therefore stopping that specific route.

Graham’s spirit, nevertheless, was not one to be easily broken. Driven by a strong will and a desire for achievement, he made the decision to forge his own path rather than allowing failures to define him. And as we’ve seen, that choice has helped him soar to amazing heights, demonstrating the strength of fortitude and perseverance in the face of difficulty.

Graham Stephan Wiki

Birth nameGraham Stephan
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Date of birthApril 22, 1990
Zodiac signTaurus
Age31 years old (as of 2021)
Sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusDating
GirlfriendSavannah Smiles
FatherDavid Stephan
Height5 feet 8 inches (1.78 m)
Weight61 kg
Eye colourBrown
Hair colourBrown-golden
Current residenceLos Angeles
OccupationYouTuber, social media star, realtor
YouTubeGraham Stephan
Estimated net worth$6.5 million

Graham Stephan Age

Upon reaching the age of 31 in 2021, Graham Stephan opted to convey a noteworthy message via Instagram in honor of his birthday. Amidst the jubilations, he took a moment to ponder over the preceding year and the myriad of encounters it encompassed.

Within his social media post, Graham presumably conveyed appreciation for the odyssey he has traversed, recognizing the zeniths and nadirs that have molded his persona. Birthdays possess a propensity to prompt introspection, prompting us to acknowledge the individuals and instances that have contributed to our development. Graham’s missive likely resonated with this sentiment.

Enveloped in the affection of cherished ones and bolstered by the allegiance of his followers, he presumably experienced a surge of anticipation for the forthcoming year, eagerly anticipating the array of challenges and delights it may unveil. For birthdays are not solely a commemoration of the past, but also an anticipation of the future, suffused with hope and sanguinity.

Graham Stephan Height

Graham Stephan stands confidently at 5 feet 7 inches (172 centimeters), with a physique that reflects his dedication to staying fit. Weighing around 165 pounds (75 kilograms), he maintains an athletic build, boasting body measurements of 32-27-34 inches (81-69-86 centimeters) that complement his stature.

His golden-brown locks frame a face adorned with captivating brown eyes, adding to his charismatic presence. Beyond his financial acumen, Graham’s charming appearance undoubtedly adds to his appeal, captivating audiences both online and off.

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight75 kg
Hair ColorGolden-Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Graham Stephan Personal life

Graham Stephan, the eminent financial maestro revered by many, stands not only as a virtuoso of wealth management but also as a man profoundly enamored. His affections are reserved for Savannah Smiles, a gifted creator of lifestyle content domiciled in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Together, they form a formidable duo, their romantic saga tracing its origins back to the annals of 2019.

In a serendipitous twist of destiny, Graham tenderly presented the question of matrimony to Savannah amidst the warm embrace of July 2022, to which she ecstatically responded in the affirmative! Since that momentous occasion, they have remained ensconced in the bliss of betrothal, their ardor and elation palpably emanating through the digital tapestry they weave for their ardent followers.

Even though they keep the details of their close relationship hidden from each other, their intense love and respect for one another are evident. The energy between Graham and Savannah is contagious; whether they are having intelligent conversations about money or are just enjoying each other’s company, they are a source of encouragement for anybody navigating the ups and downs of love and self-improvement.

Graham Stephan House and cars

The well-known YouTuber Graham Stephan got into the real estate game early and wisely. A wise investment, his first property purchase in 2011 was a $60,000 house that he converted into a rental, increasing his income in the process. His financial foundation has been strengthened since then as he has added five rental properties throughout San Bernardino County and Los Angeles to his real estate portfolio.

As for where Graham calls home, he’s settled into a cozy 4-bedroom house in Las Vegas, Nevada, which he acquired in 2020 for $1.44 million. With a monthly mortgage of $5,075, it’s a comfortable space for him to live and create content.

When it comes to wheels, Graham’s taste has evolved over the years. His first ride was a flashy 2006 chrome orange Lotus Elise, a reward to himself after scoring his first big commission in real estate. These days, he cruises around town in a sleek black Tesla Model 3, a vehicle he proudly boasts he got entirely for free—a perk of his success in the digital realm.

Graham Stephan Career

Graham Stephan’s journey began early on, at just thirteen, when he started working at a marine aquarium. His job involved keeping track of inventory and even jazzing up images for the aquarium’s website. School didn’t hold his interest for long, and by sixteen, he was banging the drums in a band, playing gigs at local spots.

But it was real estate that truly captured Graham’s heart. At eighteen, he took the plunge and became a real estate agent. His first sale, a Beverly Hills property, fetched a staggering $3.6 million, catapulting him into success. With his first big commission, he treated himself to his dream car, a flashy 2006 chrome orange Lotus Elise.

From there, Graham’s star continued to rise as he amassed over $125 million in real estate sales and became known for his savvy investing. He learned the importance of saving early on, especially after seeing his parents go through bankruptcy. Buying his first house for $60,000 in 2011 and turning it into a rental property was just one of his many smart moves.

In 2016, Graham ventured into YouTube, sharing his personal experiences and financial insights. With multiple channels under his belt, including “The Graham Stephan Show,” where he reacts to financial videos and collaborates with other YouTubers, he’s become a prominent figure online.

But Graham’s talents extend beyond YouTube. He’s also been featured on Netflix’s “Selling Sunset,” showcasing his skills as a real estate agent for The Oppenheim Group. His work has caught the attention of Forbes and other major news outlets, solidifying his status as an inspiring figure for anyone chasing success.

Graham’s Early Start in Real Estate

When Graham Stephan was just a teenager, he started his path into the corporate world. As an inventory keeper in a marine aquarium, he was already gaining significant expertise at the early age of thirteen. He developed his business acumen at the aquarium while pursuing his love of music by playing drums in a band and giving performances at nearby places.

Venturing into Real Estate

Driven by ambition, Graham decided to venture into real estate when he turned 18. He earned his license and quickly made a mark in the industry. One of his noteworthy accomplishments was selling his Beverly Hills first home for an astounding $3.6 million. Graham’s real estate career flourished as he sold houses valued at over $125 million.

YouTube Career Takes Off

Graham started a new YouTube account under his own name in 2016 and set off on a new path. He quickly gathered a sizable following by emphasizing innovation and offering instructional content, accumulating over 4.4 million members and more than 381 million views. Graham provides viewers with financial insights and personal experiences via his primary channel, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Expanding Reach with Podcasts

In 2013, Graham created “The Graham Stephan Show,” which let him reach a wider audience than only YouTube. With more than 845,000 subscribers and 100 million views, this platform is mostly used for podcasts and commentary on financial-themed videos, including those from other well-known YouTubers.

Dabbling in Acting

Apart from his achievements in real estate and YouTube, Graham also dabbled in the entertainment sector. Using the Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” he made an appearance as a cast member to demonstrate his abilities in both cinema and television.

Continuous Projects

Graham’s commitment to teaching and motivating others is reflected in the success of his podcast, “The Graham Stephan Show,” which is now on its 72nd episode. Graham’s diverse business endeavors have not only made him a prosperous businessman but also a significant player in the financial and entertainment industries.

Graham Stephan Net worth

Starting out as an inventory keeper, Graham was earning a decent wage, pocketing around $20 to $35 an hour. Fast forward to his mid-twenties, and Graham had become quite the property mogul, with a net worth surpassing a cool million bucks. And let’s not forget his slick black Tesla Model 3, which he loves to boast about, claiming he got it for absolutely nothing!

These days, Graham calls a cozy duplex in Los Angeles home sweet home. But that’s not all—he’s also the proud landlord of five rental properties scattered across Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. It’s clear his real estate hustle has paid off big time.

Graham has a net worth of $6 million and an excellent yearly income of $1.6 million. His path from impoverished origins to financial success is truly inspirational. It serves as evidence that ambitions are indeed achievable with perseverance, wise financial decisions, and a dash of good fortune.

Graham Stephan Relationship 

The romantic narrative of Graham and Savannah is a touching account of friendship and inventiveness. Graham’s partner Savannah not only has a similar heart, but also shares his enthusiasm for creating content. Together with their cute kitty, they form a formidable team. She even has a YouTube account of her own.

When Graham proudly posted a picture of them on Instagram in July 2019, it brought attention to their relationship. Even though Savannah at first favored maintaining her anonymity, their love was too strong to conceal. When their one-year anniversary rolled around, Graham couldn’t help but post even more adorable pictures on social media.

One thing’s for sure: this couple keeps their love life private, with no details about their past relationships floating around. And it’s not just their romance that’s drama-free—both Graham and Savannah steer clear of controversies and scandals, choosing instead to focus on spreading positivity and inspiration to their followers.

Social Media

Graham is quite busy on social media, interacting with his fans on several channels. See him on Twitter, where he converses with 30.9K fans, or Instagram, where he has a following of 335K. Not to mention, he has 8,000 followers on Facebook, where he posts updates.

Graham’s primary channel on YouTube, “Graham Stephan,” has an impressive 2.87 million followers, making it his true playground. With 658K followers, he now has a second channel where he goes even farther into his experiences and knowledge.

Graham’s genuineness is evident on social media, as he shares his victories and opens up about his struggles. He stands out from the crowd and is adored by them because of his sincere connection to them.


  1. Height: Graham Stephan stands at a confident 5 feet 7 inches (172 centimeters).
  2. Physique: He maintains an athletic build, weighing around 165 pounds (75 kilograms).
  3. Body Measurements: Graham’s body measurements are approximately 32-27-34 inches (81-69-86 centimeters).
  4. Appearance: He has golden-brown hair and captivating brown eyes, adding to his charismatic presence.


Graham Stephan, a prominent figure in American YouTube and real estate, began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, diving into the marine aquarium wholesale business. His resolve and hard work led him to become one of the youngest millionaires in the United States. Through his YouTube channel and real estate ventures, Graham has amassed a significant fortune, serving as an inspiration for financial success in the digital age. Born on April 22, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, Graham has become known for his savvy investments, real estate ventures, and engaging content on YouTube. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner, Savannah Smiles.


How tall is Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan stands at 5 feet 7 inches (172 centimeters) tall.

What is Graham Stephan’s physique like?

He maintains an athletic build, weighing approximately 165 pounds (75 kilograms), with body measurements of 32-27-34 inches (81-69-86 centimeters).

What are Graham Stephan’s eye and hair colors?

He has captivating brown eyes and golden-brown hair.

Where does Graham Stephan currently reside?

Graham currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

What is Graham Stephan’s occupation?

Graham Stephan is a YouTuber, social media star, and realtor, known for his financial insights and real estate ventures.

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