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Andrew Santion’s Wife

Andrew Santino, the guy who wears many hats in the entertainment world – acting, comedy, podcasting, and TV hosting – has this interesting take on relationships. Unlike some of his peers who prefer casual flings, Santino used to be all about committed relationships without the whole marriage deal.

You probably know him best from the TV show Dave. He’s been in the biz for more than fifteen years, and he’s got some serious skills when it comes to dating. Born on October 16, 1986, in Illinois, he’s got fans all over the States who are just dying to know everything about him – his age, height, weight, you name it. And yeah, people are super curious about his partner and kids too.

Danielle, his wife, is a little bit mysterious these days. She prefers to keep her personal life private and isn’t keen on the famous thing. You have to give that respect, particularly in Hollywood where everyone is watching you closely.

But here’s the kicker: Santino’s views on marriage? They’ve done a 180. Once he met the right person, he started seeing things differently. Funny how that works, huh? Even with all the craziness of Hollywood, Santino and Danielle keep their private life, well, private. And that just adds to the intrigue around this guy.

Santino never stops surprising us with his skill, both on and off screen, despite all the highs and lows. In the entertainment industry, he’s a true jewel, and his admirers adore him.

Who is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino was born on October 16, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, and started his comedic career in the heart of the city. In the early 2000s, he developed an interest in stand-up comedy, and he never looked back. He started out small, performing at local bars and any other available venue in the city. His talent did not take long to emerge, though, and he soon became well-known for his wild jokes and smart quips.

Santino moved to Los Angeles on the dare, even if there were hazards involved, all in the name of pursuing his entertainment industry goals. It was a risky move, but in the end it would be worthwhile. He became fully involved in the thriving comedy scene in the City of Angels, where he honed his skills and established himself as a prominent figure on stage and cinema.

As a comedy legend in his own right today, Andrew Santino captivates audiences with his unwavering brilliance and fast-witted humor. Santino’s comedic ability is genuinely amazing, whether he’s making people laugh through the television or by cracking jokes in front of a live crowd.

Andrew Santion Wiki

BirthdateOctober 16, 1983
Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight73 kilograms
Net Worth (2024)$6 million
Career HighlightsComedian, Actor, Podcaster
Notable WorksStand-up special “Home Field Advantage,” television programs “Arrested Development,” “The Office,” and “Dave”
FamilyOlive, a daughter born in 2018, and Danielle Brooks, a wife who got married in 2019. 
Relationship DurationOver 15 years (not formally married)
PodcastsHosts podcasts sharing thoughts, humor, and anecdotes
Upcoming ProjectsFool’s Paradise, House Party, Me Time

Andrew Santion Education

A rumor recently surfaced about Danielle Brooks, the extraordinarily gifted actress from “Orange Is the New Black,” purportedly being married to Andrew Santino. Rumors have a way of igniting controversy. Let’s clear the air, though: this allegation is unsupported by any evidence.

Danielle Brooks has carved out her own path in the entertainment world, shining brightly with her skills and charm. Her journey, from her upbringing to her rise to fame, is uniquely hers, with no confirmed personal connections to Andrew Santino. They’re both blazing their own trails in the crazy world of showbiz, each with their own stories to tell.

Andrew Santion  Height

Andrew Santino stands tall at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch, which definitely adds to his magnetic presence. It’s hard not to notice him in a room, with that kind of height commanding attention and giving him an extra edge.

Andrew Santino’s Gay Identity

With celebrities like Andrew Santino, rumors have a tendency to take on a life of their own. Due to his strong connection and lighthearted banter with comic Chris D’Elia, several have conjectured about his sexual orientation. Let’s clear the air, though: these allegations are unsupported by any evidence.

In fact, on April 20, 2018, Santino publicly announced his engagement to his fiancée, ending any further rumors. That essentially says it all, don’t you think?

Santino’s comedic talent extends beyond his portrayal of a gay man in “How I Met Your Dad” and his jokes about his history. It’s all a joke and not meant to be a window into his private life.

Recall that Santino is a true buddy and comic; let’s value that without making assumptions about his sexual orientation. Ultimately, it is everyone’s right to be recognized for who they are, independent of gossip or fictional representations.

Andrew Santion Personal life 

Following his blissful 2016 union with Olive, Andrew found himself a devoted husband and father to his daughter Genevieve. Andrew’s first child was brought into the family in 2018. Being a parent caused Andrew to undergo a profound shift in perspective, which improved his appreciation for his parents and allowed him to recognize the nuances of his own childhood.

Through his podcast and social media platforms, Andrew openly expresses the profound love he holds for his wife and child. Their presence in his life occupies a sacred space in his heart, evident in every heartfelt remark and candid snapshot shared with his followers.

Despite the demands of his bustling schedule, Andrew prioritizes carving out precious moments with his loved ones. Whether it’s stealing away for a family outing or simply sharing a cozy evening at home, he recognizes the value of cherishing these irreplaceable connections.

Andrew’s comedy serves as a delightful reflection of his life experiences and observations.He skillfully incorporates humor into commonplace situations, displaying a sharp eye for the absurdities associated with marriage, parenting, and interpersonal relationships. Andrew Santino’s comedy stands out for striking the ideal mix between relatability and humor, which leaves his audience in stitches and feeling deeply moved by his perceptive observations.

Andrew Santion Family 

Andrew is totally engrossed in the pleasures of married life and family when he’s not entertaining us with his clever banter on his podcast or having audiences in stitches with his stand-up comedy. Following a five-year journey together, Andrew and Melanie exchanged vows in front of their closest family and friends in a private ceremony in 2021.  For Andrew, Melanie and their relationship take top priority, even amidst the demands of his profession.

Beyond his comic brilliance, viewers can anticipate a steady stream of endearing photos that portray Andrew and Melanie’s love and joy as they begin this wonderful new chapter in their relationship. Even though Andrew has already hit a number of noteworthy career milestones, there is no hint of a slowdown. The future is bright, full of comedy specials, tours, podcast episodes, and the joys of a happy married life.

Andrew knows that his supporters will be there for him at every turn, encouraging him. Andrew Santino’s trip is expected to be as radiant as his contagious grin, filled with love, laughter, and resolute support from his loyal fan base.

Andrew Santion Career 

Andrew Santino’s talents as an actor, comedian, and podcast presenter have left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. His funny journey has led him to sold-out performances at festivals and bars, where his infectious comedy has left crowds giggling. The highly regarded stand-up special “Home Field Advantage” is accessible on Amazon Prime and is among his greatest works.

Outside of the theater, Andrew has made stunning appearances on small and large screens in hits like “Arrested Development,” “The Office,” and movies like “The Disaster Artist” and “Dave.” He’s now working on interesting projects like Me Time, House Party, and Fool’s Paradise, which has fans excited about what’s coming up next.

Despite the glamour and flash of the business, Andrew can always count on his wife Danielle for support and companionship. She has supported him through the highs and lows of show business and is not just his girlfriend but also his closest friend and biggest fan. Andrew frequently recognizes Danielle’s crucial contribution to his ability to handle the difficulties posed by his hectic schedule and frequent travels.

Danielle’s humor and steady presence are invaluable to Andrew. Not only does she laugh with him, but she also helps to keep him grounded in the crazy world of show business. Their bond gives Andrew Santino’s thriving profession a personal touch and serves as a reminder to all of us of the value of love and support when pursuing our aspirations.

Andrew Santino’s Wife’s Support for His Career

Entertainer, comedian, and podcast host Andrew Santino has truly found his footing. His hilarious performances have won over crowds at comedy clubs and festivals all around the world. He shot to comedic success with his Amazon Prime show “Home Field Advantage,” which had viewers laughing uncontrollably wherever they watched.

Beyond the stage and film, though, Andrew is aware that his rock, his wife Danielle, is largely responsible for his success. She has stayed by his side through the highs and lows of his career, a continuous source of inspiration and support. His only solace in navigating the rigors of show business and incessant travel has been Danielle’s understanding and support.

Danielle’s soothing presence helps Andrew stay grounded in the midst of the insanity of the entertainment industry. He frequently makes jokes about how much better Danielle’s humor is than his own. With her at his side, he feels unstoppable and ready to tackle any challenges that may arise. She is not only his spouse but also his source of inspiration, his confidante, and his pillar of support, elevating every victory and mitigating every setback.

Andrew Santion Net worth 

By 2024, it’s anticipated that Andrew Santino’s bank account will be sitting pretty at around $6 million. How did he amass such a hefty sum? Well, his knack for comedy has been like hitting the jackpot in multiple ways.

First off, his acting gigs on both the big and small screens have been a major cash cow. Whether he’s stealing scenes in TV shows or lighting up the screen in movies, Santino’s comedic timing has translated into serious paychecks.

That’s not all, though. His forays into podcasting have also proved extremely profitable. People simply can’t get enough of his clever repartee and funny comments on anything and everything. Additionally, sponsors are more than willing to spend large sums of money to have their goods seen by his devoted audience.

Don’t forget to check out his stand-up specials. In addition to receiving high acclaim from critics, he has reaped significant financial benefits from his ability to draw large crowds and sell out cinemas.

All things considered, Santino’s hilarious genius benefits more than just his money account. His talent and hard ethic mean that there’s no limit to how much more money he can make.

Andrew Santion Social Media 

Andrew Santino’s YouTube channel is really bringing in the eyeballs! On an average day, he’s racking up around 32.24 thousand views, which is no small feat. And when you zoom out to the monthly picture, those numbers skyrocket even further, hitting over 967.18 thousand views.

Seems like his comedy and content are hitting all the right notes with audiences. With numbers like these, it’s clear that Santino’s comedic charm is resonating with fans far and wide, making his channel a must-visit for a daily dose of laughter.


  1. Marriage and Family: Andrew Santino married his wife Danielle in 2019, after over 15 years of being in a committed relationship. Olive, their daughter, was born in 2018.
  2. Privacy: Danielle prefers to keep her personal life private and doesn’t seek the limelight despite Andrew’s fame in the entertainment industry.
  3. Change in Perspective: Despite initially being hesitant about marriage, Andrew’s views shifted once he met the right person, reflecting a 180-degree turn in his approach to relationships.
  4. Personal Life Balance: Despite the demands of his career, Andrew prioritizes spending quality time with his family, cherishing their presence and supporting his wife and daughter.
  5. Career: Andrew Santino is a multifaceted entertainer known for his roles in TV shows like “Dave” and “Arrested Development,” as well as for his stand-up comedy specials like “Home Field Advantage.” He’s also active in podcasting and has several upcoming projects in the pipeline.


Andrew Santino, a versatile entertainer, has captivated audiences with his comedic talent across various mediums. Despite his success, he values privacy in his personal life, particularly regarding his wife Danielle, whom he married in 2019 after a long-term relationship. Their daughter Olive adds to the joy of their family life. Andrew’s career continues to flourish with numerous projects in comedy, acting, and podcasting, while he remains grounded by the support of his wife and the love of his family.


Who is Andrew Santino’s wife?

Andrew Santino’s wife is Danielle. They got married in 2019 after being in a committed relationship for over 15 years.

How many children does Andrew Santino have?

Andrew Santino has one daughter named Olive, born in 2018.

What is Andrew Santino’s net worth?

As of 2024, Andrew Santino’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, largely accumulated through his successful career in comedy, acting, and podcasting.

What are some notable works of Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino has appeared in TV shows like “Dave,” “Arrested Development,” and “The Office,” as well as in movies like “The Disaster Artist.” He’s also known for his stand-up comedy special “Home Field Advantage.”

How does Andrew Santino balance his career and personal life?

Despite his busy schedule, Andrew Santino prioritizes spending time with his family. He openly expresses love and appreciation for his wife and daughter, recognizing the importance of cherishing their moments together amidst his professional commitments.

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