Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife: Biography, Wiki, Education, Age, Height, Career, Awards, Net Worth, Personal life And Social Media

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife?

Tony seems to be a pretty private person when it comes to his personal life. There’s not much gossip or juicy details out there about him. Some folks have wondered about his romantic preferences, especially after he dropped a comment on social media that got people speculating. But he’s never come right out and spilled the beans.

One time on Twitter, he shared a funny observation about how different groups treat him. He talked about how he gets treated one way by attractive women yet gets included in chats with gay men as though he were one of the gals. That’s all we currently know about his romantic life, which isn’t much.

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe?

Growing up, Tony Hinchcliffe had his mom by his side as his main support. He attended Ursuline High School, graduating back in 2002. He’s even cracked jokes about how his sarcastic sense of humor got him into trouble, like the time he got punched on his very first day of school.

Tony Hinchcliffe Biography

Tony Hinchcliffe was raised in Youngstown, Ohio, and was born there on June 8, 1984. By nature and by birth, he is an Ohioan. Although he would rather not reveal her identify, he had a close relationship with his mother growing up on the north side of the city. She’s always been his rock.

After graduating from Ursuline High School in 2002, Tony’s childhood in a tough neighborhood shaped his sharp wit. He learned to use humor as a shield against the challenges around him. But it also got him into some scrapes – like the time he got punched in the face on his very first day of school while riding the bus.

Tony Hinchcliffe Wiki

Full NameTony Hinchcliffe
Nick NameTony Hinchcliffe
Main ProfessionComedian and writer
Born InYoungstown, Ohio
Age37 years old
Height1.70 m
Heights in Feet5 feet and 6 inches
Heights in cm170 cm
Weight68 kg
Weight(s) in pound149 pounds
Dates withTo be Updated
Marital StatusSingle
SpouseWill be Updated Soon
SalaryNot Known
Net Worth$10 Million

Tony Hinchcliffe Education

Tony Hinchcliffe was raised in Youngstown, Ohio, in the United States. Tony has been transparent about his urban upbringing, yet he maintains great privacy regarding his family life. Although we are certain that he graduated from Ursuline High School, it is unknown if he continued his studies beyond that point.

Growing up in Youngstown certainly left its mark on Tony, shaping his unique sense of humor. He often jokes about his sarcastic wit being a defense mechanism against the challenges of his neighborhood. However, when it comes to his parents and any siblings he may have, Tony prefers to keep those details under wraps.

SchoolUrsuline High School

Tony Hinchcliffe Age

Tony Hinchcliffe, born on June 8, 1984, is a 38-year-old proud native of Youngstown, Ohio. It’s his hometown, and he’s always had a special place in his heart for it.

Tony Hinchcliffe Height

In addition to their skill, we frequently find ourselves admiring our favorite celebrities for the way they take care of their physical appearance. They seem to set the standard, and we can’t help but look up to them, attempting to imitate their appearance, hairdo, eye color, and weight as well as their fashion choices.

For Tony Hinchcliffe, he stands at around 1.70 meters tall and tips the scale at roughly 68 kilograms. But you know how it goes, weight can fluctuate, so those numbers might shift over time.

Tony Hinchcliffe Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Tony Hinchcliffe is happily married to Charlotte Jane, a well-known model and the daughter of Australian racecar driver and businessman Bob Jane. They are married, but they are not yet parents.

Now, Tony has never hidden the fact that he identifies as straight when it comes to his love life. However, things haven’t always gone as planned. He got himself into a lot of controversy back in May 2021 after saying some extremely harsh things against Asian American comedian Peng Dang. His comments, which included racial slurs and mocking Dang’s accent, stirred up a whole lot of backlash against him.

Tony Hinchcliffe Career

Tony Hinchcliffe had no idea that what he used to do as a coping mechanism at the age of seven would grow to be his main source of income. These days, he’s a well-known roaster who shakes hands with the best comedians in the industry.

In 2007, he took a risk and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion, which launched his career in comedy. He started from scratch, going to Hollywood’s The Comedy Store open mics. At first, he was just handling the phones and working the cover booth, but before long, he snagged a spot as a regular paid performer at the legendary venue. Over time, he even helped pave the way for other comics like Jeff Ross and Joe Rogan to hit the road.

During his sets, Tony gained notoriety for his bold ridicule of other comedians as well as audience members. 

He’s not hesitant to tackle tough or uncomfortable themes with his dark sense of comedy. Jeff Ross, a.k.a. the “Roastmaster General” and regular on Comedy Central Roasts, found Tony’s rough demeanor endearing. Tony sees Jeff as a mentor who’s had a big impact on the direction of his comedy career.

The “Kill Tony” Podcast

Apart from being a stand-up comedian, Tony Hinchcliffe is also a great podcast broadcaster on “Kill Tony.” It’s like a playground for comedic talent where wannabe comedians may show off their skills. Tony and his group aren’t simply onlookers; they’re in the thick of things, offering prompt commentary and making jokes as the performances take shape. The mood is so appealing to comedy lovers that “Kill Tony” has become a major comedy scene success.

Career Highlights

Tony Hinchcliffe has made appearances everywhere along the way, including comedy specials, TV appearances, podcasts, and more. His skill speaks for itself, and he’s not hesitant to take chances. Both admirers and detractors can’t resist praising him. Tony has created a name for himself in the comedy world by showcasing his abilities both on and off stage.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Awards

Tony Hinchcliffe has definitely left his mark as a roaster and stand-up comedian. He credits a big chunk of his success to Jeff Ross, who played a pivotal role in getting him his first writing gig. Ever since then, Tony’s been penning jokes for big names like Justin Bieber, James Franco, and Rob Lowe on the Comedy Central Roasts. He’s also been behind the scenes crafting laughs for “The Burn With Jeff Ross,” a cool comedy panel show.

Tony Hinchcliffe Net Worth

Tony Hinchcliffe has established a strong reputation for himself in comedy, and it has greatly paid off. He owes a great deal of his career to Jeff Ross, who encouraged him to pursue the major roles in addition to providing him with opportunities. Tony’s wealth has increased significantly as a result of those lucrative contracts. It is projected to be approximately $10 million as of February 2024, and given Tony’s love of humor, that sum is probably going to continue rising.

In less than two decades, Tony’s gone from hustling to being a major player in the comedy scene. While his style can be edgy and push boundaries, he’s always quick to apologize if he goes too far – he’s all about making people laugh, not hurting anyone. Aspiring comedians could definitely learn a thing or two from him about hard work and never giving up on your dreams.

Tony Hinchcliffe Social Media

In today’s digital age, it’s no easy feat for famous folks to keep their personal lives private. Social media puts them right in the spotlight, allowing direct interaction with fans. It’s a delicate dance, giving shoutouts to supporters while also dealing with any not-so-nice attention.

Tony Hinchcliffe probably takes a thoughtful approach to his social media presence, like many other celebrities. It’s a chance for him to engage with his fans while also maintaining some privacy and boundaries.

Hinchcliffe interacts with fans on social media while carefully managing his public image, sharing aspects of his life while maintaining privacy.


Tony Hinchcliffe, a comedian and writer, has gained recognition for his sharp wit and bold humor. Born on June 8, 1984, in Youngstown, Ohio, he honed his comedic skills as a coping mechanism in his tough neighborhood. After graduating from Ursuline High School in 2002, he pursued his passion for comedy, eventually moving to Los Angeles in 2007. Hinchcliffe’s career took off as he became a regular performer at The Comedy Store, known for his roast-style comedy and willingness to tackle controversial topics.

Despite maintaining privacy about his personal life, Hinchcliffe garnered attention for controversial comments made in May 2021, sparking backlash for racial slurs directed at Asian American comedian Peng Dang. However, little is known about his romantic life, as he keeps this aspect of his life private.


  1. Tony Hinchcliffe was born on June 8, 1984, in Youngstown, Ohio, and attended Ursuline High School.
  2. He started his comedy career by performing at open mics at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.
  3. Hinchcliffe gained notoriety for his roast-style comedy and willingness to tackle tough topics.
  4. He has written jokes for Comedy Central Roasts and appeared on shows like “The Burn With Jeff Ross.”
  5. As of February 2024, his projected net worth is $10 million.


Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife?

Tony Hinchcliffe is married to Charlotte Jane, a well-known model and the daughter of Australian racecar driver and businessman Bob Jane.

Is Tony Hinchcliffe open about his personal life?

While Hinchcliffe maintains privacy about his personal life, he has identified as straight in his romantic preferences.

What controversy did Tony Hinchcliffe face in May 2021?

In May 2021, Hinchcliffe faced backlash for making racially insensitive remarks against Asian American comedian Peng Dang, including racial slurs and mocking Dang’s accent.

What is Tony Hinchcliffe’s net worth?

Tony Hinchcliffe’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million as of February 2024, largely attributed to his successful career in comedy.

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