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Michelle Goeringer is an incredible individual, navigating through numerous obstacles on her extraordinary journey through life.

Even though she was once married to the renowned NFL head coach Rex Ryan, Michelle values keeping her feet firmly on the ground, placing her career and family at the forefront of her priorities.

But Michelle’s story goes far beyond her connection to a famous football figure. She is an ambitious entrepreneur and devoted mother, and through her experiences, she encourages women everywhere to follow their aspirations with elegance and tenacity.

Who is Michelle Goeringer?

Michelle Ryan, formerly Michelle Goeringer, hailed from the vibrant town of Clinton, Oklahoma, where her family roots ran deep. Her story intertwined beautifully with Rex’s during their college days at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. While Michelle pursued her passion for education, dreaming of becoming a teacher, Rex was making waves on the football field.

In a touching piece featured in the New York Post, Michelle was portrayed as someone deeply in love with literature, grounded in her nature, a perfect complement to Rex’s status as a star offensive lineman for the university team.

Rex was hired by Eastern Kentucky University as a graduate assistant coach upon graduation. He was so excited that he was eager to tell Michelle the news. Michelle was so excited about their future together that she was unable to control her emotions during their phone chat. Rex asked Michelle to marry him over the phone at an impromptu, utterly joyful moment, and Michelle responded with happy tears.

They exchanged sincere vows in the summer of 1987, marking the official start of their marriage. Their relationship has had many ups and downs since then. Through every coaching transition, Michelle has stood as Rex’s unwavering rock, offering him steadfast dedication and support, a testament to the enduring love and partnership they share.

Michelle Goeringer Biography

Rex Ryan was born in the American state of Oklahoma, more precisely in the city of Ardmore, on December 13, 1962. He’s achieved enormous success as a writer and producer. His talents were seen in well-known films like “That’s My Boy” (2012), or you could be familiar with him from his witty commentary on “Sunday NFL Countdown” (1985). Additionally, he contributed to the suspenseful drama of “CSI: NY” (2004).

Rex is devoted to his family beyond anything else, even among the glitter and splendor of Hollywood. He married Michelle Goeringer in 1987, and the two of them have had two amazing children to raise. Their path together has been filled with love and laughter.

Rex’s profound Oklahoman ancestry lends his art a distinct viewpoint and genuineness that appeals to viewers everywhere. He is regarded as a recognized personality in the entertainment world thanks to his love of telling stories and his talent at holding audiences’ attention.


Full NameMichelle Goeringer (formerly Michelle Ryan)
BirthdateNot specified
BirthplaceClinton, Oklahoma, USA
EducationGraduated from Oklahoma State University
Career– Former family law attorney<br> – President of MGR Enterprises (investment & real estate development)
Relationship StatusDivorced from Rex Ryan since 2017
ChildrenTwo sons: Seth Ryan and Payton Ryan
Net WorthEstimated at $20 million (jointly with Rex Ryan)
Notable Achievements– Devoted mother and businesswoman<br> – Inspirational figure for women pursuing their passions and responsibilities
Other– Formerly married to NFL head coach Rex Ryan

Michelle Goeringer Education

Born and raised in the center of Oklahoma, Michelle Goeringer is a real native. She ended up attending Oklahoma State University after growing up in the heart of her community and surrounded by wide plains. Michelle’s journey started there, surrounded by mentors and friends, and it deepened her connection to Oklahoma’s rich culture and traditions while simultaneously molding her thinking.

Her time at OSU was a time of personal development and exploration, not just going to courses. She discovered herself in a setting that inspired her to pursue her hobbies and beliefs among familiar sights and noises. Over the course of late-night talks and activities, Michelle’s horizons expanded and her feeling of community deepened.

The foundation of her character was built around the teachings she encountered throughout her youth in Oklahoma and her time at OSU. They equipped her with the fortitude to overcome obstacles and the self-assurance to go after her goals. As Michelle embarked on her journey beyond college, she carried with her the essence of Oklahoma and the knowledge that her roots would guide her through whatever life threw her way.

Michelle Goeringer Family Life

Michelle grew up with her mom and two sisters, surrounded by love and support. She excelled in school and had a constant thirst for knowledge. She triumphantly went across the stage at the University of Oklahoma to receive her bachelor’s degree after years of hard work.

Do Michelle and Rex Ryan have children?

Michelle grew up with her mom and two sisters, surrounded by love and support. She excelled in school and had a constant thirst for knowledge. She triumphantly went across the stage at the University of Oklahoma to receive her bachelor’s degree after years of hard work.

Michelle Ryan has some interesting pregame habits

Before tying the knot with Rex Ryan, Michelle didn’t pay much attention to American football. But once they got married, she became a huge fan, fully immersing herself in her husband’s games.

During Rex’s time as the head coach of the New York Jets, Michelle and the family had a whole routine of game-day superstitions, according to the New York Post. Michelle would always wear this vintage Jets jersey with the old logo on game days and stick to wearing green clothes in the days leading up to matches. It became a tradition for them to have dinner at Jose’s Cantina on Friday nights before games too.

They even had a movie night on Thursdays before Jets games, something they all looked forward to. And Michelle’s son Seth proudly sported his Darrelle Revis jersey, adding to the family’s game-day spirit. If Rex gets another coaching job in the NFL, who knows what new superstitions Michelle might add to the list!


Michelle Goeringer began her career as a committed family law lawyer before branching out into the fields of entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

She has been the remarkably graceful leader of MGR Enterprises, a real estate development and investment organization, since 2001. She has led a number of noteworthy initiatives throughout her time there, demonstrating her knowledge and skill in the industry.

Michelle has received widespread attention for her insights, in addition to her real estate accomplishments. She’s been sought after to grace numerous business events with her presence, where she generously shares her wealth of knowledge. Additionally, her expertise has earned her invitations to television appearances, where she illuminates audiences with her insights and experiences.

The Love Story of Michelle Goeringer and Rex Ryan

The history of Michelle and Rex’s romance begins during their time as University of Oklahoma students. Their relationship developed from a casual one to one that was intense and passionate, and it ended in a lovely wedding ceremony in 1987. The happiness of their marriage grew when their two cherished kids, Payton and Seth, were born. They quickly came to dominate their lives and goals.

In the wake of more than two decades of matrimony and an array of life occurrences, Michelle and Rex arrived at the pivotal choice to terminate their union in 2017. Managing their divorce with profound reverence, Michelle and Rex prioritized shielding their family’s seclusion, placing the stability and welfare of their cherished offspring above all else, notwithstanding the unavoidable grief and psychological torment.

In the thrilling world of football, Rex Ryan is a well-known name when it comes to professional accomplishment. Rex left a lasting effect as an NFL head coach, inspiring teams like the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets to notable feats and thrilling football triumphs. He was well-known for his astute coaching abilities.

Throughout life’s inevitable trials and tribulations, Michelle and Rex exemplify unwavering resilience and steadfast devotion, underscoring the enduring power of love and familial bonds in weathering storms and celebrating triumphs alike. 

The Goeringer-Ryan Clan

Payton and Seth are the sons of Rex Ryan and Michelle Goeringer, raised with values like dignity, self-reliance, and the importance of hard work. Michelle, a devoted mother, has always placed her family first and supported her children’s pursuits wholeheartedly.

Both boys excel in football, having played throughout high school and college. Their background has cultivated qualities like a strong work ethic and a desire to achieve in them. Without a question, Michelle’s loving personality has greatly contributed to her sons’ development into the gifted and motivated people they are today.

Michelle Goeringer Net Worth

Michelle Goeringer and her ex-husband Rex Ryan are believed to have a combined net worth of $20 million by Celebrity Net Worth. It’s crucial to remember that individual financial circumstances might change over time, so this number might not always be precise.

Michelle has really amazing money management skills. Her riches is indicative of this, but she also exhibits a sincere commitment to give back to the community. Her enthusiasm for funding different humanitarian endeavors demonstrates her real desire to have a good influence and help to improve the world.

Michelle Goeringer Relationship

The story of Rex Ryan and Michelle Goeringer started while they were University of Oklahoma undergraduate students. Before they knew it, they were walking down the aisle in 1987 as sparks flew. The addition of their two wonderful children, Payton and Seth, who filled their life with endless joy, expanded their family.

For more than two decades, Rex and Michelle stuck together in spite of all the ups and downs life had to offer. Even after deciding to split in 2017, their commitment to and affection for their children did not waver. They promised to protect the privacy of their family life and to put their kids’ needs first.

Rex became well-known in the NFL as a football coach, managing teams like the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, while Michelle favored a more sedate existence away from the spotlight.

Their experience serves as a reminder that the real foundations of strength are love and family. It demonstrates that a parent’s and child’s relationship can endure anything life throws at them, no matter what obstacles we face.


  1. Early Life and Education: Michelle Goeringer, originally from Clinton, Oklahoma, pursued her education at Oklahoma State University, where she developed a passion for education and literature.
  2. Relationship with Rex Ryan: Michelle’s life intersected with Rex Ryan’s during their college years at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. They got married in 1987 and have two sons, Payton and Seth.
  3. Career: Michelle started her career as a family law attorney before transitioning into entrepreneurship. She currently leads MGR Enterprises, focusing on real estate development and investment.
  4. Family Life: Michelle was raised by her mother alongside her two sisters and has always prioritised family, demonstrating unwavering support for her husband’s coaching career and encouraging her sons in their endeavors.
  5. Diverse Interests: Despite initially having little interest in American football, Michelle became deeply involved in her husband’s career, adopting game-day superstitions and rituals to support him and the team.
  6. Net Worth: Michelle and Rex Ryan have an estimated joint net worth of $20 million, reflecting their successful careers and financial acumen.


Michelle Goeringer’s journey is one of resilience, dedication, and adaptability. From her humble beginnings in Oklahoma to her role as a devoted mother, successful businesswoman, and supportive partner to Rex Ryan, Michelle embodies strength and grace. Her commitment to family, career, and community serves as an inspiration to women everywhere, showcasing the power of pursuing one’s passions while navigating life’s challenges with determination.


When was Michelle Goeringer born?

Michelle Goeringer’s birthdate is not specified in available sources.

Where did Michelle Goeringer attend college?

Michelle attended Oklahoma State University for her higher education.

How many children does Michelle Goeringer have?

Michelle Goeringer has two sons named Seth and Payton Ryan, whom she shares with her ex-husband Rex Ryan.

What is Michelle Goeringer’s career path?

Michelle started as a family law attorney before becoming the president of MGR Enterprises, focusing on real estate development and investment.

What is Michelle Goeringer’s net worth?

Michelle and Rex Ryan have a joint net worth estimated at $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

When did Michelle Goeringer divorce Rex Ryan?

Michelle and Rex Ryan divorced in 2017 after over 20 years of marriage. They opted to keep their personal affairs private for the sake of their children.

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