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Who is Addison Harbaugh

Addison Harbaugh is a well-known American celebrity, mainly recognized as the daughter of the famed American football coach, Jim Harbaugh. Her dad’s full name is James Joseph Harbaugh, while her mom is Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Addison is part of a big family, with four siblings: Grace, Jay, Katherine, and James.

She comes from a lineage rich in football history. Her grandparents are Jack Harbaugh, Jacqueline M. Harbaugh, Alta Feuerborn, and Merle Feuerborn. Even her great-grandparents, William Avon Harbaugh and Marie Evelyn Fisher Harbaugh, contribute to this legacy.

In addition to her immediate family, Addison has aunts including Joani Harbaugh, Mary Beth Feuerborn, Pamela Feuerborn, Anna Marie Feuerborn, and Amy Marie Feuerborn. She’s also got quite a few uncles, among them are John Harbaugh and Joseph Henry Feuerborn.

It seems Addison is surrounded by a supportive and close-knit family, with a strong bond that likely extends beyond the football field.

Addison Harbaugh Quick Facts

Real NameAddison Harbaugh
Nick NameAddison
Date of Birth2015
Age (as of 2024)9 years
Birthday placeUnited States
Height (Tall)3 feet 9 inches
114 cm
1.14 m
WeightKilograms: 16 Kg
Pounds: 35 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Body Measurements24-20-21
Net WorthNone (as of 2024)

Addison Harbaugh Early Life

In 1963, Addison Harbaugh was born in Toledo, Ohio. Since his father, Jack Harbaugh, was a football coach, the game was ingrained in him. Their family had quite the nomadic life, hopping from Ohio to Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, and California, following his dad’s coaching gigs.

Young Harbaugh didn’t have much stability in one place because of his dad’s coaching career. For a stint, his dad served as an assistant coach at Perrysburg High School in Perrysburg, Ohio, which meant a slice of Jim’s childhood was spent in that neck of the woods.

Addison Harbaugh Family

Jack Harbaugh, the dad of Jim Harbaugh, has quite the football background himself. Before diving into coaching, he played football himself. He’s been around the block, coaching at Western Michigan University and Western Kentucky University.

His mom, Jacqueline M. “Jackie” (née Cipiti), is a key figure in his life, and he’s got a brother, John Harbaugh, who’s also deep into American football, coaching in the NFL.

Love has been a rollercoaster for Jack. His first marriage was to Miah Harbaugh back in ’96, but things didn’t quite work out, and they went separate ways in 2006. However, they’re blessed with three lovely kids – two boys named Jay Patrick Harbaugh and James Harbaugh, and a little girl named Grace.

But Jack found love again in 2008, tying the knot with Sarah Feuerborn. Together, they’ve built a bustling family with four kids of their own – two sons named Jack Harbaugh and John Harbaugh (yeah, keeping it in the family with the names!), and two adorable daughters, Addison Harbaugh and Katherine Harbaugh.

Addison Harbaugh Education

Jim attended Pioneer High School after graduating from Tappan Junior High School. They family moved to Palo Alto, California, after his dad was hired by Stanford University as the defensive coordinator.

At Palo Alto High School, Harbaugh became a big deal. He graduated from there in 1982, and boy, was he something! Jim excelled in football, basketball, and baseball. He was the star of the show!

Addison Harbaugh College Career

Jim Harbaugh transferred to the University of Michigan after graduating from Palo Alto High School. From 1983 till 1986, he played football there. In his final two years, he was the starting quarterback for the team that won the Big Ten Conference Championship. They also made it into the top 20 nationally.

In 1986, Jim had an incredible season. He was the Big Ten Player of the Year, even though he did not win the Heisman Trophy. With an astounding throw efficiency rating of 159.32, he completed eighteen touchdown passes and was intercepted just six times!

After college, he joined the NFL. The Chicago Bears picked him in the first round of the 1987 draft. That’s how his pro football journey started.

Addison Harbaugh Net Worth

Jim Harbaugh has a substantial bank account, valued at an impressive $40 million. I can assure you that he has earned every cent of it. The man is a moneymaker, whether it is from his coaching positions, side projects, or his days of dominating the field.

Now hear this: in addition to the $5 million he makes annually from his coaching position, an additional $2 million is invested in a life insurance policy. You have to look after the family, right? But there’s still more! In addition to earning a lot of money as a coach, Harbaugh also has lucrative endorsement contracts with major brands like Nike, Visa, and Chevrolet. They’re forming a line to share in his activity.

It’s evident that Harbaugh is a shrewd businessman in addition to being a football fan. Everything he touches turns into gold because he has that special touch. It’s no wonder he’s sitting pretty with that $40 million nest egg.

Who Is Jim Harbaugh Wife

Jim Harbaugh’s personal life? Well, buckle up! Jim’s been down the aisle twice. His first marriage was to Mia Harbaugh, and together they have two sons, Jay and James. However, life took its twists, and they eventually parted ways. But that’s not where Jim’s story ends. He found love again and tied the knot with Sarah Furborn Harbaugh. This time, they have three lovely daughters: Grace, Addison, and Katherine. Jim’s definitely got a full house and a heart full of love!

Who Are Jim Harbaugh Parents

FatherMr. Harbaugh
MotherMrs. Harbaugh
BrotherJohn Harbaugh, Joani Harbaugh

Addison Harbaugh Biography

Jim Harbaugh is not just a fantastic football coach—off the field, he is a real leader as well. Remember the day he led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII? That was all him! And hey, he’s not just about touchdowns and tackles; he’s got smarts too, with a degree in business administration from Miami University.

And in his personal life, he’s got a sweet love story too. He’s been happily married to Sarah Harbaugh since 2008. Talk about relationship goals!

The shocking fact is that football is ingrained in his DNA and is more than simply a vocation for him. One of the biggest names in collegiate football history was Jack Harbaugh, the father of Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. These guys are like a football dynasty!

Jim Harbaugh’s age

Jim Harbaugh, the seasoned American football coach, hails from Toledo, Ohio, where he came into the world on a chilly December 23, 1963. Now at 60 years old, he continues to leave his mark on the gridiron with his passion and expertise.

Jim Harbaugh Social Media Accounts

Social MediaID/ChannelFollowers
FacebookJim Harbaugh9.4K
Youtube Channel
TwitterCoach Harbaugh1.9M

Jim Harbaugh’s personal life

Jim Harbaugh’s personal life, especially his first marriage, has always been a bit of a mystery amidst his football triumphs. He was married to Miah Harbaugh (formerly Miah Johnson) back in 1996, and together they shared the joys of parenthood, raising three wonderful kids: Addison, Katherine, and their son, James Jr.

But there are rumors circulating that their marriage had some difficult times, maybe as a result of Jim’s supposed adultery. Their breakup in 2006 was ultimately caused by these rumors, even though they were never verified.

But life took a turn for Jim when he crossed paths with Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh in an unexpected place – the parking lot of a PF Chang’s restaurant in Las Vegas. It was 2006, and Jim was in town for a coaches’ convention while Sarah was rooted in Las Vegas, making her mark in the real estate world. Fate had its way, and their chance encounter blossomed into something more meaningful.

As their bond deepened over time, Jim and Sarah got married again in 2008, this time with Sarah as his bride. They’ve embraced motherhood as a couple and have added three more kids to their devoted family.

It’s a reminder that life often surprises us with unexpected encounters and second chances, leading to new beginnings filled with love and joy.


  1. Full Name: Addison Harbaugh
  2. Date of Birth: 2015
  3. Age (as of 2024): 9 years old
  4. Birthplace: United States
  5. Height: 3 feet 9 inches (114 cm, 1.14 m)
  6. Weight: 16 kg (35 lbs)
  7. Eye Color: Brown
  8. Hair Color: Blonde
  9. Body Measurements: 24-20-21
  10. Net Worth: None (as of 2024)


Addison Harbaugh is notable for being the daughter of renowned American football coach Jim Harbaugh and his wife Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Born in 2015 in the United States, Addison is the youngest of six siblings. Her father, Jim Harbaugh, has had a successful career both as a player and a coach, notably serving as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Addison’s family background is deeply rooted in football, with her grandfather Jack Harbaugh and her uncle John Harbaugh also being prominent figures in the sport. Despite her young age, Addison has garnered attention due to her family’s fame and accomplishments.


Who are Addison Harbaugh’s parents?

Addison Harbaugh’s parents are Jim Harbaugh, a famous American football coach, and Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh.

How many siblings does Addison Harbaugh have?

Addison Harbaugh has four siblings: two brothers named Jack Harbaugh and John Harbaugh, and two sisters named Grace Harbaugh and Katherine Harbaugh.

What is Addison Harbaugh’s net worth?

As of 2024, Addison Harbaugh’s net worth is not applicable as she is still a child.

What is the significance of Addison Harbaugh’s family in football?

Addison Harbaugh comes from a family deeply involved in football. Her grandfather, Jack Harbaugh, and uncle, John Harbaugh, are both renowned figures in American football.

Where was Addison Harbaugh born?

Addison Harbaugh was born in the United States.

Does Addison Harbaugh have any notable relatives?

Yes, Addison Harbaugh’s family includes her grandfather Jack Harbaugh, her grandmother Jacqueline M. Harbaugh, and her uncle John Harbaugh, who are all well-known in the football community.

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