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Thad Matta NetWorth?

Thad Matta, the current head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball team, has established himself as a prominent figure in American college basketball. Born on July 11, 1967, in Hoopeston, Illinois, Matta’s journey in the basketball world began with notable achievements as a player for the Cornjerkers at Hoopeston-East Lynn High School. After transferring from Southern Illinois University during his sophomore year, he went on to spend three seasons as a starter for Butler University.

In 1990–91, Matta transitioned to coaching, starting his career at Indiana State University. His coaching experiences included stints at Miami University in 1994–1995 and 1996–1997, as well as at Western Carolina University in 1995–1996. Returning to Butler University in 1997, he played a crucial role as the head recruiter, contributing significantly to three consecutive seasons with 20 wins.

In 1999–2000, Matta assumed the position of head coach at Butler, earning accolades as the 2000–01 Midwestern Collegiate Conference Coach of the Year in his first season. This recognition came after leading the Bulldogs to a school-record 24 victories. His coaching journey continued at Xavier from 2001 to 2004, where he guided the team to three straight seasons with 26 wins and an impressive Elite Eight appearance in the 2004 NCAA tournament.

Thad Matta’s coaching prowess reached new heights when he was appointed as the thirteenth head coach in Ohio State history on July 7, 2004. Beyond his coaching achievements, Matta has accumulated a net worth of $12 million, with an annual salary of $3.5 million at Ohio State. His impact on the basketball world, both as a player and coach, remains a testament to his dedication and contribution to the sport.

Who is Thad Matta?

Famous basketball coach Thad Matta was born in Hooperstown, Illinois, on July 11, 1967. He rose to notoriety as the men’s basketball team’s twelfth head coach at Ohio State, where he won several Big Ten Tournaments.

American-born Thad Matta is well-known for his coaching abilities. He most famously guided Ohio State’s Greg Oden to a 2007 national championship appearance. His status as a successful and prominent coach has been cemented by his services to the basketball community.


The renowned basketball coach Thad Matta was born on July 11, 1967, in Hoopestown, Illinois. His impact on the coaching community has been significant. He has a substantial fan base and is a well-known figure in the US at the age of 56. Born under the sign of Cancer, Thad Matta has devoted his professional life to coaching and won recognition for his significant contributions to the game. His accomplishments have demonstrated his long-lasting influence in the industry and cemented his status as a renowned masculine figure in basketball coaching.


Thad Matta, a product of the basketball culture ingrained in his family, was exposed to the intricacies of the sport from an early age. Growing up under the guidance of his father, Jim, a high school athletic director and coach, Matta was immersed in the world of Xs and Os, absorbing coaching philosophies and insights into training. Recalling his upbringing, Matta reflects, “I was raised in a gymnasium, the little kid sitting in the locker room after a win or after a loss, listening to the coaches.”

Embarking on his college journey at Southern Illinois University, Matta soon realized that it wasn’t the ideal fit for him. Seeking the right environment, he, along with his father, made a two-hour drive southeast from his Hoopeston, Illinois hometown to Hinkle Fieldhouse. The moment he set foot inside Butler’s historic arena, Matta felt an immediate connection. “I walked around the corner, looked in the gym and thought, ‘I’m coming here. This is it for me,'” he recalls. From that point forward, Hinkle Fieldhouse held a special place in his heart.

Majoring in Physical Education, Matta donned the Bulldogs’ jersey from 1987 to 1990. Starting in his final two seasons and eventually becoming a team captain as a senior, Matta’s journey at Butler became a pivotal chapter in his life.


Full NameThad Matta
OccupationBasketball Coach
Date of BirthJuly 11, 1967
Place of BirthHoopestown, IL
Star SignCancer
CountryUnited States


The day Thad Matta was born, July 11, 1967—a Tuesday in 1967—is celebrated. Right present, he is 56 years old. Born under the sun sign Cancer, Thad’s astrological profile reveals a passive duality, belonging to the cardinal water modality and element. Cancer is in opposition to Capricorn in the zodiac. Understanding Thad Matta’s astrological details sheds light on the distinctive traits and qualities associated with his birth sign.


The renowned basketball coach Thad Matta was born in Hoopestown, Illinois, on July 11, 1967, making him 56 years old. Being the thirteenth head coach of the Ohio State men’s basketball team, he is well-known for winning several Big Ten Tournament games with the squad. According to numerology, Thad Matta’s Life Path Number is 5, which offers more information on the significant facets of his journey.

Personal life

During his coaching journey spanning six seasons, Thad Matta held full-time assistant coaching positions at three different universities, making significant contributions to their success. Over this period, the teams he coached achieved an impressive composite record of 128–58 (.688) and participated in six postseason tournaments. Matta’s coaching experience included guiding teams to five consecutive conference tournament championship games, resulting in four league tournament championship rings. His influence extended to the NCAA tournament, where he made appearances five times as an assistant under four different head coaches, and he also steered a team to the postseason National Invitation Tournament.

Thad Matta initiated his coaching career at Indiana State University in the 1990–91 season, serving as a graduate assistant under head coach Tates Locke. Following this, he assumed roles as an academic coordinator and administrative assistant at Butler from 1991 to 1994. Matta’s first full-time assistant coaching position materialized at Miami University (Ohio) in the 1994–95 season under Herb Sendek. There, he played a pivotal role in guiding the team to an outstanding 23–7 record, securing a Mid-American Conference regular-season championship and a first-round victory in the NCAA tournament.

In the subsequent year, Matta joined Western Carolina University as a coach under Phil Hopkins. His contributions led the Catamounts to a 17–13 record, marking the school’s first winning record in a decade. Notably, Western Carolina won the Southern Conference tournament championship and made a significant appearance in the NCAA tournament as a 16 seed, narrowly missing an upset against 1-seed Purdue in the round of 64. Returning to Miami University in the 1996–97 season under new head coach Charlie Coles, Matta continued his successful coaching endeavors, guiding the RedHawks to a 21–9 record, clinching the MAC regular-season and tournament championships, and earning a spot in the NCAA tournament.

In 1997, Thad Matta rejoined Butler University’s staff, where he played a pivotal role in the team’s success. Over the next three seasons, Butler achieved three consecutive 20-win seasons, solidifying Matta’s reputation as one of the nation’s most promising young coaching prospects. Serving as the primary recruiter, Matta contributed to Butler’s impressive 67–29 (.698) record during his tenure, securing two Midwestern Collegiate Conference tournament championships, one MCC regular-season title, making two NCAA tournament appearances, and earning one NIT berth.


Thad and Barbara Matta, proud parents, share their lives with two accomplished daughters, Ali and Emily Matta. Both daughters have successfully graduated from Butler University, with Ali carving her professional path as a marketing and operations manager. Meanwhile, Emily is actively pursuing a career in strategic communication and has currently found her professional home at Brown Capital Group. The Matta family takes pride in the achievements and aspirations of their talented daughters, reflecting the values of education and professional growth within their household.


Thriving as a basketball standout at Hoopeston-East Lynn High School in Hoopeston, Illinois, Thad Matta left an indelible mark on the court. His journey continued as a two-year starter for the Butler University Bulldogs, where he played three seasons after transferring from Southern Illinois University during his sophomore year. In the 1987–88 season, Matta showcased his skills, leading Butler in assists with 100 and boasting an impressive three-point field goal percentage of .433. His contributions continued into the 1988–89 season, where he led the team in free-throw percentage with .872.

Matta’s dedication and leadership were evident when he served as a team captain on Barry Collier’s inaugural team in the 1989–90 season, solidifying his place as one of the Butler tri-captains. His impressive career statistics included finishing in sixth place on Butler’s all-time list for free-throw percentage, concluding with a remarkable .800. Thad Matta earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Butler in 1990.

One of the highlights of his collegiate career was achieving a career-high point total of 21 points against Xavier University at the Cincinnati Gardens on March 2, 1989, showcasing his prowess on the basketball court..


Thad Matta, a family-oriented individual, is a proud parent to two children, Emily Matta and Ali Matta. His life partner is Barbara Matta, and together, they form a close-knit family. Thad is not alone in his family journey; he shares it with two siblings, Karah Viola and Greg Matta, creating a bond beyond his immediate household.

In the professional realm, Thad Matta commands a salary of $3.5 million, a testament to his success and impact in the field of basketball coaching. His financial prosperity extends further, with an estimated net worth of $12 million, highlighting both his skill in coaching and his strategic financial management.

For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Thad Matta’s life, this article aims to provide insights into various aspects, including details about his wife, daughters, salary, his coaching stints at Butler and Ohio State, age, statistics, and additional pertinent information.


Barbara Matta, a native of Woodbury, New Jersey, USA, graces this world with her presence. Although her exact age is not disclosed, a glimpse at her picture suggests she may be in her late 30s, radiating both grace and vitality. As an American citizen, Barbara embraces a white ethnic background and follows the Christian faith. She pursued her higher education at Butler University, shaping her academic journey.


Barbara and her husband are blessed with two adorable children. They are two beautiful daughters. Their names are Emily Matta and Ali Matta.

Facts about Thad Matta:

  1. Birth and Early Life:
    • Full Name: Thad Matta
    • Birth Date: July 11, 1967
    • Birthplace: Hoopeston, Illinois, United States
    • Age: 56
    • Star Sign: Cancer
  2. Basketball Career:
    • Played for Hoopeston-East Lynn High School and Butler University Bulldogs.
    • Notable achievements as a player, including leading in assists and three-point percentage.
    • Achieved a career-high of 21 points against Xavier University in 1989.
  3. Coaching Career:
    • Started coaching career at Indiana State University in 1990–91.
    • Coached at Miami University and Western Carolina University.
    • Head recruiter at Butler University, contributing to three consecutive 20-win seasons.
    • Head coach at Butler, earning the Midwestern Collegiate Conference Coach of the Year in 2000–01.
  4. Xavier and Ohio State:
    • Head coach at Xavier (2001–2004), leading the team to three consecutive 26-win seasons and an Elite Eight appearance in 2004.
    • Appointed as the 13th head coach in Ohio State history on July 7, 2004.
  5. Personal Life:
    • Married to Barbara Matta.
    • Two daughters, Ali and Emily Matta, both graduates of Butler University.
  6. Financial Status:
    • Net Worth: $12 million
    • Annual Salary at Ohio State: $3.5 million


Thad Matta, born on July 11, 1967, in Hoopeston, Illinois, is a prominent figure in American college basketball. From his early days as a basketball standout to becoming the 13th head coach in Ohio State history, Matta’s journey is marked by notable achievements. His coaching career includes successful stints at Butler, Xavier, and Ohio State, with accomplishments like multiple Big Ten Tournament wins and an Elite Eight appearance.

Matta’s impact extends beyond the court, as he is a dedicated family man with a wife, Barbara, and two accomplished daughters, Ali and Emily. His financial prosperity, reflected in a net worth of $12 million, speaks to his success and strategic management in the basketball coaching arena.

FAQs about Thad Matta:

Q: When was Thad Matta born?

A: Thad Matta was born on July 11, 1967.

Q: Where was Thad Matta born?

A: Thad Matta was born in Hoopeston, Illinois, United States.

Q: What is Thad Matta’s coaching career highlight?

A: One of the highlights of Thad Matta’s coaching career is leading Ohio State to a national championship appearance in 2007.

Q: How many children does Thad Matta have?

A: Thad Matta has two children, Emily and Ali Matta.

Q: What is Thad Matta’s current net worth?

A: Thad Matta’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Q: What is Thad Matta’s annual salary at Ohio State?

A: Thad Matta’s annual salary at Ohio State is $3.5 million.

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